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You have probably heard of this craze (unless you have been hiding under a rock!) painted rocks have caused a storm on Facebook. Most towns have a local painted rocks page set up. So what is this craze all about?

Well, adults and kids have been painting pebbles with various colourful designs, they then hide them in town at the park in the woods and people find them, upload there find in the form of a photo to Facebook and then re-hide the colourful rocks.

I have sourced a few posts from fellow bloggers to help you come up with some ideas.

Wendy from Daisies and Pie has created some fun eyeball rocks – these would be great for Halloween.

Eyeball rocks

Beth from Twinderelmo has talked about the craze in her local area – Rock’s in Shropshire. She said: “I spotted various family and friends sharing photos on their Facebook pages and decided to join the main Facebook group which currently has over 17.5k members! I then realised how huge this ace activity had gone, but not only that what a brilliant idea it is. If you think about it, it is SO simple yet gets kids being creative and crafty whilst getting them out and about. Best of all? It’s an incredibly cheap fun day out for all the family.”

Kate from Crafts on Sea has created camping story stones. She says: “I love creating story stones and my kids do too, they’re a really simple thing to do that’s great for encouraging a bit of creativity. I’ve previously shared some sea themed story stones that are perfect for the summer and with the warmer weather approaching I thought it would be fun to make some camping story stones ready for a bit of an adventure.”

These pebble critters are very cute they are by Kerry from Blissful Domestication.

Emma’s Savvy Savings has written about Kindness Rocks she says:  “Kindness Rocks started in America but has found its way across the water. The premise is simple and wants everyone who finds a rock to join the movement.”

Here is a simple guide to rock hunting by Hayley from Very Mummy. Rock hunting is a such a simple and beautiful game. People up and down the country have used their spare time to paint rocks with positive messages on, and some of the artwork is very beautiful. The idea is to find these rocks, post a pic on Facebook groups (depending on your location of the rock- ie: Bournemouth Rocks) and then re-hide for someone else to find.

Lastly, Ella from Typical Mummy has put together a handy list:

1. Join your local Facebook group – at home we are members of “Staffs Smilestones” but as we are on Anglesey this Summer we have joined “Anglesey Rocks.”

2. Find or buy some stones to paint – obviously as we are right next to the beach here on Anglesey we have lots of stones and pebbles to choose from and hunting on the beach for the best stones to paint becomes an activity in itself! However, you can also buy bags of stones reasonably cheaply from a garden centre.

3. Paint your stones using permanent markers or acrylic paint and seal with varnish/pva glue. Write your Facebook group’s name on the back (and if you have room put a message asking for a photo and a rehide).

4. Hide your stones and watch their journey unfold on Facebook!

Have you joined in with this craze?

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  1. 31 August 2018 / 08:16

    We’ve accidentally found a few, and I paint stones for my daughter to mark milestones (learning to skim stones, first day at school) but we’ve yet to properly join the craze. Lovely idea, hope all the paint is eco-friendly!