Shopping Hauls: Emerging shopping trends for 2020

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I recently had the pleasure of attending Exclusively Homewares 2019 showcase in London, where I got to discover the emerging interior trends for next year.

But it was interesting to see that these trends – which placed a heavy focus on sustainability, eco-friendly products and reusable solutions have spread to other industries – including beauty, fashion, household goods and food, to name a few.

Becoming aware of emerging shopping trends

The last few years have seen a huge turnaround in people becoming more aware of the world in which they live and the impact they have on it.

And I suspect that increasing numbers of people are also much more aware of what products they are using in their everyday lives and the effect that this is having on their health. It’s no wonder that so many more people are becoming vegetarians and vegans.

The launch of non-toxic cleaning products has also seen a huge welcome, as to have beauty and skincare products with no nasty chemicals.

A personal story

As a bit of a personal story, since being diagnosed with breast cancer in March, I’ve become hugely aware of the things I’m putting on my body, in my body and my environment.

I’ve switched to non-toxic cleaning products – which DO WORK just as well as the toxic stuff as long as you get the right stuff (Most Method cleaners are great and the brand Cleanology – currently being sold at Home Bargains) is also worth a shot.

But you don’t have to even buy non-toxic branded products – you can make your own and there are numerous ways of doing this – just type into Google ‘How to make my own cleaning solutions’ and there are pages of ideas to go through. Pinterest is of course another great platform for inspiration.

And it’s the same with beauty products and skincare – cosmetic companies are cottoning on to the fact that people are now much more aware of what goes into the products we use – and the possible detrimental effects of these. And because of these people are changing their shopping habits.

So you’ll often see ‘no SLS or parabens’ on the side of cosmetics or skincare bottles – it’s what I always look out for.

Food glorious food

And then of course there have been significant emerging shopping trends in the foods we buy. A big reduction in red meat consumption is one of these, along with an increase in people opting to go veggie.

I made it a personal choice that I wouldn’t go veggie for now, but I have reduced my meat consumption massively since my diagnosis – and I don’t eat red meat at all. I also buy as much organic products as I can – yes, they are more expensive, but I don’t feel that I can put a price on my health.

I’m not suggesting for a minute that readers overhaul their who life, BUT if you’re aware of links between certain foods – and are aware of the possible side effects of toxic cleaning and skincare products, then I suggest making small changes in your life.

You don’t have to go the whole hog and do an about turn on your life – and I also think that everything in moderation is fine. After all, if you fancy a tipple or two at the weekend while catching up with a great book or a favourite TV programme – that’s got to be great for your mental health hasn’t it? And I’m a big believer in mind over matter.

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