Newbies: Jump in with both feet

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Blogging is a scary business to get into. Even before you begin, you’re eyeing up the competition – the ones who have already “made it”. You pour your heart and soul into your work, and tense before pressing publish every time. The blogging journey can be scary – but it can also be wonderful, enlightening, and a massive source of personal growth. Here are three tips to help you find your stride.
Find your blogging friends. Like anything else in life, blogging is better with friends. Your blogging besties will empower and inspire you. They’ll cheer you up when you’re feeling flat. Friends who understand blogisms are worth their weight in gold. Our Facebook group is a good place to start!
Go to community events. Most of my blogging friends I’ve met in real life .The vast majority I met at blogging/press events for the first time, before really going on to connect with them online. So, if there’s an event you’re eyeing up and space in your diary, show up and find friends. 
Jump in with both feet. You can always edit posts to improve them later, or even delete them. You will get more of an idea of what works on your social media, for your audience, by getting on with it. If something about your blog isn’t perfect, you can change it later.
Onto the round-up: these are the new bloggers you should keep your eye on this month. 
Want to be featured in July’s round-up? If your blog is less than 18 months old or recently relaunched, email me a blog post by 19th July.
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About Lauren James

Lauren James is a single mum of three and spinner of many plates. A vegan eco-warrior; she is passionate about politics, education, food and family life. She started her blog Inspire Create Educate in 2017 to show fellow busy parents that small, easy changes can make a big impact on our world. Since then, she has been in the Vuelio Top 10 Green Blogs index for two years running. She now is a full-time blogger and social media manager working with small businesses, festivals and other bloggers. In her (rare) spare time, she listens to rock music, watches other people play video games and drinks slightly too much red wine.