3 reasons why yoga is great for oral health

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You may not initially think that yoga could possibly impact your oral health but it does! In fact yoga has positive effects on everything in your body, and in this article, mum and orthodontic marketing manager Emily Taylor shares with us how.

Our mornings are rather stressful and exhausting. We repeatedly start our day with a less-than-a-minute of brushing and head straight to the kitchen to prepare our near perfect coffee, no matter how much time it takes!

We’re constantly running a race against time, battling a balance between work and personal life. An unhealthy lifestyle, conflicts at the workplace and staring at the computer for long hours is damaging our health more than we can imagine. Such a lifestyle is ineffective in helping you cope with stress, while majorly affecting your oral health in the process.

Yes, that’s right! Without us even realizing it, our inability to stay calm and focused has an impact on our teeth and gums. Many people also face problems like TMJ pain which is a result of a misaligned jaw.

But with the right mindset, lifestyle, and habits, you can reverse the damage before it’s too late. While yoga is a great practice to keep you calm and content, it also plays an important role in improving your oral health. Read on to learn more.

Here’s a Look at the Benefits of Yoga for Strong Teeth and Gums:

Yoga Reduces Stress
Stress has a lot to do with the health of your teeth and gums. Many people who deal with a lot of stress tend to grind and clench their teeth while they are asleep, or even when they go about a regular day. In such cases, there’s a higher chance of wear and tear of the teeth, sensitivity to consumption of foods that are hot or cold and can eventually lead to tooth decay and gum swelling.

Regular practice of yoga can reduce the risk of inflammation and swelling in the mouth that are usually the first signs of gum disease. By working towards the elimination of stress from the body, you’re keeping more serious dental issues like periodontal disease away. A daily 20-minute practice of yoga can help you reduce stress and the risk of gum swelling.

Yoga Increases Saliva in the Mouth
Yoga doesn’t just reduce stress levels in the body but also improves saliva production in the mouth. Various factors like taste, smell, and short-term acute mental stress affect the salivary composition in your mouth. Your mouth’s ability to create more saliva helps to wash out the bad bacteria that feed on your teeth and gums. Additionally, it also helps to combat bad breath.

Practicing yoga regularly will prevent problems like dry mouth, increase saliva production, and reduce the risk of plaque buildup and gum disease.

Yoga Improves Posture
Poor postures don’t just affect the spine and neck, it affects the mouth too! Constantly slouching and hunching makes your lower jaw shift forward, causing the upper and lower teeth to move out of alignment. Meanwhile, the skull is pushed back to compress the spine. This movement stresses the surrounding muscles, bones, and joints. And if left untreated, it can result in pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles as you open and close your mouth.

If such movement persists, bad posture can result in jaw issues like TMJ pain. But this condition also includes other side effects like chronic headaches, a clicking sound when you open your jaw, misaligned jaw, and worn off or cracked teeth.

Once you start practicing yoga regularly, you will make a conscious effort to sit straight wherever you are. With the right posture, you’re preventing major problems that can cause discomfort to your jaw and the rest of your body. If you start making your health a priority whether it’s by eating or exercising right, you’re automatically giving your oral health a major boost!

With regular practice of yoga, you can significantly improve your oral health. Dedicate 20 to 45 minutes to yoga every day to correct problems like wear and tear of teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, and a misaligned jaw. Get your friends and family involved to enjoy the numerous benefits of yoga for a healthy lifestyle!

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Emily Taylor, Marketing Mgr, Thurman OrthodonticsAbout the author:
Emily Taylor works at Thurman Orthodontics in Fresno CA and loves to write about healthy living. She loves to surf and bake cookies with her children.

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