Refresh your makeup bag for just £10! #Ad

The beginning of the year is the ideal time to put your best face forward. You can do that — updating your look and refreshing your makeup bag — only spending £10 in the process!

BritMums has been working with Boots in a paid relationship, showcasing their Natural Collection make-up: the simple, affordable and easy-to-use line has given some of our favourite bloggers the chance to give their make-up a new year reboot. (Pssst — and here’s something that shouldn’t be a secret: Everything in the line is only £1.99.)

When our bloggers cast an eye over their looks, they discovered that their make-up bags were well past their sell-by date and also needed a refresh…literally.


Let's Talk Mommy adds Natural Collection to her makeup

A fresh year is an opportunity for a fresh and clean makeup bag and look. Picture: Let’s Talk Mommy


makeup bag from Mummy Daddy Me

Step 1: Freshen your makeup bag with clean brushes. Picture: Mummy Daddy Me

“It’s one of life’s most boring jobs but it’s time to give your makeup brushes a ruddy good clean,” says the voice of unmistakeable common sense, Brummy Mummy. (See her post.) Even if it’s not your favourite pastime either, think of the satisfaction, as well as what could be breeding amongst the bristles and applicators. It will make you might feel more motivated.

Once you’ve got beyond this matter of basic hygiene, then it’s time to have fun. All our bloggers were amazed by the £1.99 price tag on each product in the Natural Collection (as Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three puts it: “I know I keep saying it, but £1.99 — WHAT!?!”). See the full  post here

Room for experimentation

Honest Mum took the opportunity with affordable Natural Collection options to apply the beauty trends for 2017 to her makeup kit: feminine, ethereal and minimalist with a dramatic eye and neutral lip. See how to create the look from her post.

Even for those accustomed to paying more will find themselves won over: “If you usually buy premium makeup, trying out new colours and products from an affordable range is a GREAT idea because you won’t break the bank,” points out Not Another Mummy Blog. See what she put together for £10 and her video on her post

Honest Mum puts on lip gloss

The youthful glossy lip is here, with help from a tinted £1.99 balm, says Vicki Picture: Honest Mum


Natural Collection makeup on BritMums

You needn’t skimp on high-impact colour even while saving money. Picture: Not Another Mummy Blog


Brummy Mummy with Boots Natural Collection

A fresh-faced look for Brummy Mummy. Picture: Brummy Mummy


You Baby Me Mummy before and after pics

Wow! Aby shares before and after. Picture: You Baby Me Mummy

And that spirit of experimentation is what got several of our bloggers excited. “The highlighter stick was probably something I would never think to buy or try but it’s my new favourite item in my makeup bag,” says Let’s Talk Mommy (check out her post).

Likewise, You Baby Me Mummy writes: “Bronzing products are something which I haven’t used much before…But I’m so pale (even in summer) that I thought they might give me a summer glow, even on these cold, grey days. I was really impressed with how I looked healthier, and a little less transparent!” We also love her take on brows — so important to frame your face. She discovered the Natural Collection brow gel fills in patchy bits and gets hers under control. We love (and can relate to) her comment that brows should be sisters not twins. See her “Give yourself a boost kit” on her post. 


Let's Talk Mommy tried makeup

Which one is the daughter, which the mother? Pictures: Let’s Talk Mommy


testing foundation shades on BritMums

Find your foundation shade for winter. Picture: More Than Toast


Waterproof mascara from Boots

Mascara is a friend — wise words from Helpful Mum. Picture: Helpful Mum


Why to have a cosmetics update

Simple little ego boosts like these (and some of our braver bloggers have posted before and after selfies) are what makes keeping on top of your cosmetics worthwhile. “I like to be able to look as if I had at least a couple more hours sleep than I actually have,” says Helpful Mum. “Mascara is my friend.” Discover her top 5 makeup kit goodies.

So get busy with those (newly washed) brushes and find out how spending less than £10 (!) on new make-up could be just the lift you need for the beginning of the year. And for those of you not sure what to do with your new products, More than Toast has posted a fantastic tutorial on getting your make up literally done and dusted in less than three minutes. Read her full post here.



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  1. Rosie Parsons
    28 January 2017 / 20:01

    this looks so good and at an affordable price! will definitely be checking this out 🙂

  2. 02 February 2017 / 11:39

    Love the make, gorgeous quality and price point, thanks for including me 🙂

  3. 02 February 2017 / 13:58

    I was so impressed with this range and that lip gloss is a new favorite. What a lovely roundup of beautiful ladies showcasing their natural beauty. 🙂

  4. 02 February 2017 / 21:55

    Such wonderful make-up and so affordable.