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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you brought 2019 in with a bang. I am a big fan of a New Year. I just love
the prospect of a fresh start so much. I’m excited at the new start of being the Inspiration Editor here at Britmums and thought there is no better way to celebrate 2019 than dedicating my first roundup blog post.

I know New Years Resolutions aren’t for everyone but I love a good excuse to create some new goals. Setting goals is so good for our wellbeing, it boosts our purpose and meaning which triggers inner happiness. I’ve been so inspired reading up on everyone’s resolutions and goals. Gemma wrote an amazing post reflecting on her achievements for 2018 and her plans and goals for 2019.

Whatever your plans are for 2019, it’s always good to start things off with positive affirmations. Changing your language patterns and getting into a more positive mindset is proven to help you achieve lifestyle changes and meet new goals. Jo from A Rose Tinted World shares some amazing positive quotes to give you a boost of good vibes.

One of the most popular resolutions is Dry January and Wendy from Daisies & Pie shared some amazing tips to survive the month teetotal. If you’re losing motivation, Laura from Only Teethin’ has shared 5 Good Things she’s Learned from Giving up Alcohol.

Maybe your resolution is to get outside more? Exercise more? or be more mindful? Claire from The Lady Birds Adventure shares all the great reasons we should get our kids outdoors more.

If 2019 is the year that you really want to work on yourself, your confidence or perhaps your self worth then My Silly Mummy wrote an amazing post on the power of believing in yourself. Caitylis also wrote a great post on overcoming anxiety.

Perhaps your 2019 goal is to get a hold of your finances? Your Money Sorted has put together a fantastic post on how to manifest money.

Whatever your 2019 goals is, I hope you smash it!
See you in next months roundup.

Georgina x

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About Georgina Clarke

Georgina Clarke is a Mum of two. Her children have a sixteen month age gap so due to having almost back to back pregnancies and the chaos of a toddler and a newborn she threw herself into health and wellness. She wanted to make sure she was always on her a-game so that she could thrive within motherhood and avoid feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. She decided to share all of her research with tried and tested techniques so that other mums could feel their very best too. You can read all about her story and tips over on her blog.

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  1. 11 January 2019 / 09:59

    Love this little post and looking forward to next month’s round up! I’ve been enjoying reading everybody’s achievements and resolutions.