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The things we carry around are what defines us, especially as an expat. Our identity is in the things we choose to travel with: photos, books, food, national dress; a flag. It doesn’t matter if you are newbie expat or have been living in your adopted country for year and years, our stuff defines us. I never thought of it like that until very recently. In the process of working on a life audit and tidying up (around the house), I came to the realization that some of things I’ve been holding on to are not relevant to my life in 2019. It’s a new year and many of us have either made our resolutions/intentions or are working on vision boards. January’s Expat Round-up looks at new year intentions.


Intentions 2019


Resolutions can make us feel like a failure if we don’t keep them. Maybe we set too many or are not realistic about what is achievable. I’m like Adele’s approach. She has set intentions; that’s kinder to self I think.

Adele home schools, so it’s always easy to get time personal time. However, over the festive season her mum visited from Trinidad. Isn’t it a blessing when family and friends stay over and help out with the day to day? Expats don’t take those precious visits lightly. Although Adele is resetting her home schooling intentions , I think her points are valid for life in general. For example, asking for help and recognising achievements are intentions we should all strive for.



Holiday Plans


For those of us with kids at school, it’s tricky and costly to book family holidays. Why am I talking about holidays and Christmas has just gone? Well, it’s never too early to plan the next holiday. You  can make better savings that way.

If you are planning on take a holiday this year, check out Leona. She has it all the tips on maximising annual leave using UK public holidays 2019


We usually plan our Christmas staycations in January.  We haven’t spent Christmas in our house for the past three years. Not sure you can you? I’ll let Emma convince you. She’s got 15 perfect reasons to travel for Christmas. If you are thinking of visiting France over the festive season, take it from Natasha, what Xmas is like in France. It’s no humbug, just humble and classy. Read on.



Great Expectations


If you have made the resolution to expatriate in 2019 Jersey Girl has some myth busters. In her post Great Expatations she talks about the dreams we have as expat, whether it’s retiring at 40 or escaping our troubles at home.

Are you a newbie expat? How are you finding it?  Tells us.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s round-up. If you have a post you would to be considered for next month’s round-up, please email me on [email protected] or DM me on Twitter.



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