Real parents and children review I’M A GIRLY fashion doll #ad

Girl stying doll - BritMums

Trying out the I’M A GIRLY. Picture: Joy to the World


Do your children still enjoy playing with dolls? Do you wish you could extend the amount of time they enjoy dolls? Then I’M A GIRLY Fashion-Doll is an exciting option for playing dress-up and pretend.

I’M A GIRLY is aimed squarely at children aged 8 to 12. It has a strong focus on fashion, style and diversity. It’s a luxury doll — you find in in Hamleys and Harrods, starting at £109.

With that kind of investment, any parent will want to make sure it’s a doll that will be enjoyed and played with frequently. We asked a group of BritMums parents and their children to review it. Each family received a doll, plus accessories to keep. This was part of a paid project for the I’m a Girly launch in the UK.

Here, parents and kids tell us the features they most like about the dolls. This post is part of a BritMums paid campaign sponsored by I’M A GIRLY.

Doll details - BritMums

Pictures (clockwise): Circus Mum, Mummy and the Cuties, Accidental Hipster Mum

Overall impressions

From the beginning, parents liked the attitude of I’M A GIRLY, which combines fashion and personal expression along with a focus on diversity.

“With this doll, girls can still play like girls — no need to put your doll aside because you are not going to look ‘cool’ with your friends. My daughter can use her imagination, be creative, and most of all, have lots of fun playing,” says Eliana of The Family Treasures.

“The I’M A GIRLY doll is one you wish you had as a kid,” says self-confessed doll-lover Enzima on What Mummy Loves


girl with I'm a Girly dolls from What Mummy Loves

Enzima’s daughter gets acquainted with I’M A GIRLY at the UK launch event. Picture: What Mummy Loves


The body

Families immediately noticed – and admired – the dolls’ realistic shape.

“One of the main reasons this doll stands out from the rest are her realistic proportions,” writes Eliana from The Family Treasures. “…No impossibly tiny waists, or chopstick-thin legs,” says Jacqui of Mummy’s Little Monkeys.

Blue Bear Wood notes:

“All the limb sockets and neck are ball joints (there is no movement in the feet and hand joints) which allows great movement and positioning, which is perfect for all the photo’s you and your child are going to want to take! I was particularly impressed by the amazing balance the doll has that allows you to stand her up without any support in a variety of poses.”

Accidental Hipster Mum daughter with doll - BritMums

Accidental Hipster Mum’s daughter loved styling her pink-haired doll


The face & details

Little details like a rounded, pretty, youthful face, well-sculpted fingernails and toenails with a mini French manicure (!) appealed.

“It is nice to have a doll that is not wearing loud, vibrant makeup and one that younger children as well as pre-teens can relate to,” notes Roxanne-Sasha of The Resilient Mum.

“It’s nice that their hand-painted faces have a softer and more natural look.” says Dawn who blogs with her daughter (and resident toy tester) Bella at Dear Mummy.

“The features are so artistically sculptured and the details in the accessories are simply superb,” says Rishi from Mummy and the Cuties.


I'm a Girl doll face closeup - BritMums

The pretty features. Picture: Dear Mummy

The hair

This was the feature that really captured the imagination of kids and parents — the hair of I’M A GIRLY dolls deserves a review category all of its own. You can choose a doll come with a variety of hair textures and colours to create a multitude of looks and styles. There is brown hair, blonde hair, kinky hair, straight hair, purple hair, ombre hair, even super-long hair. You can see from these pictures how the hair adds to the doll’s versatility and diversity.

“It means that the doll can constantly be updated and kids can have fun creating hairstyles, including cutting the hair, without worrying about damaging the doll,” says Blue Bear Wood.

“I love it so much,” says mum Rebecca from All About U, while also admitting that she’s “a little gutted that a doll has cooler hair than me!”

“Children see people around them changing their hairstyles, dyeing their hair and having haircuts, so what better way of imitating this concept than on their dolls?” asks The Resilient Mum

Plus, you can cut it!

The Cut Hair, Don’t Care feature means all the dolls have interchangeable wigs. That means one doll can have a huge range of looks as kids style the hair, switch it out, and create their own styles! A doll whose hair you can cut then replace is something we wanted since our own childhood. Now it’s finally here.

Families also noticed that the glossy texture helps the hair remain tangle-free.


I'm a Girly hair - BritMums

Picture: Blue Bear Wood


I'm a Girly doll with pink hair - BritMums

Picture: All About Us


girl at I'm a Girly Launch UK - BritMums

Loving the ombre hair at the launch. Picture: Mummy and the Cuties

The clothes

Alongside the hair, the clothes and accessories really made an impression on our tester families. This is another area where the luxury and quality shows.

Polka dots, glitter, floral, houndstooth, leopard print, even sunglasses and mini backpacks – all this and more is available from the I’M A GIRLY wardrobe. The accessories are designed by a panel of kids ages 9 to 12 and it shows in the styles available, parents say. The outfits the kids panel curates range from sporty, sparkly, glam, groovy, pretty and more – a variety of styles that suit all kinds of girls.

“Both myself and my daughter loved the clothing Lucy [their doll] arrived in. Subtle details show she is a doll for older girls – the clothes are high in quality and have tiny working zips,” says Accidental Hipster Mum.

“I love the fact that the second look was something I could imagine my girls actually wearing,” writes Circus Mum.

“It is stunningly well made with metal zips, poppers and buckle and is so easy (and satisfying) to get on and off,” agrees Blue Bear Wood. They loved the supple mini leather jacket, for those rebellious moods. 


I'm a Girly doll with wardrobe - BritMums

What to wear today….? Picture: Blue Bear Wood


dressing up an I'm a Girly doll - BritMums

Changing styles is satisfying because of the details — real snaps, real ribbons, etc. Picture: Life with the Busbys

The diversity

I’M A GIRLY Fashion-Dolls come with a range of skin tones that not only make it easier for children to choose a doll that resembles them but also sends a positive message that parents love.

“Growing up I did not have a lot of black dolls, which is quite sad because white dolls dominated the market. I am happy to live in an era where this is no longer the case,” says The Resilient Mum.

“My daughter chose a doll that she considered to look like herself,” says Accidental Hipster Mum, “which I think children naturally aim for. They want to feel their image is represented.”

At the I’M A GIRLY launch event, “the thing I enjoyed the most was seeing all the children there able to pick dolls to play with that they could relate to,” says Zena of Zena’s Suitcase. “Seeing different ethnic backgrounds represented in this way across the range was so refreshing.”

Girl with I'm a Girly doll - BritMums

Picture: Circus Mum

The packaging

The company’s No Waste policy not only appeals to parents who dislike all that disposable packaging toys come with, it also translates into more fun for kids. The box I’m a Girly comes in doubles a wardrobe for their outfits. It’s printed with bright colours and a faux wardrobe with dresses and accessories. There’s even a little “mirror” in the front flap/door. “Chloe has sat her [doll] down in front of it when brushing her hair, so that she can ‘see in the mirror.’” describes Rebecca from All About Us.


I'm a Girly wardrobe box - BritMums

The doll’s box doubles as a wardrobe. Picture: Accidental Hipster Mum

The philosophy

“it was obvious from the moment we met the I’M A GIRLY dolls and started choosing outfits for them that they had been designed by kids.  The I’M A GIRLY brand prides itself on a KIDS4 KIDS approach and the range is inspired by designs from 9 to 13 year olds. 

pullquote for I'm a Girly - BritMums review

A doll kids adore

Chloe from Life with the Busbys noticed how play with Lola, her daughter Maisie’s I’M A GIRLY doll, imitated life in this time when young girls are turning into tweens. “My daughter Maisie loves placing her doll in the wardrobe once she has finished getting her dressed just like we stand in front of a mirror once we’re ready. Maisie styles Lola’s hair into bunches as she often wears her hair like this for school.”


Things parents love

That it’s a doll shaped by a panel of kids: “They are the perfect toy for adolescents owing to the fact that they are designed by 9-13 year old.” — Joy from Joy to the World.

That the realistic fashion and fun hair spark their creativity: “Maisie is very creative and I think I’M A GIRLY dolls can provide hours of imaginative play. “ — Life with the Busbys

The clothes options represent real choice: “I chose Jasmine for her darker skin colour, curly hair and her glamorous gown. …We were sent a change of clothing. It didn’t take long for Princess to decide it was time for Jasmine to have a more casual look. I love the fact that the second look was something I could imagine my girls actually wearing.” — Circus Mum 


For more details about what the dolls are really like, read the individual families’ reviews! 




This post is part of a paid project with I’M A GIRLY and BritMums, promoting the I’M A GIRLY Fashion-Dolls, new high-end fashion dolls that just landed in Harrods and Hamleys. They are hip, cheeky, trendy and a bridge between childhood and teenage years. See the dolls and accessories at

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  1. 08 January 2019 / 10:31

    a great roundup of the review posts – my daughter really loves hers and the wig feature is so cool 🙂

  2. 08 January 2019 / 10:40

    I think parents who are thinking about whether or not to buy this doll for their children are really going to enjoy this post. My daughter has loved playing with the I’M A GIRLY doll and the hair is her favourite feature by far. We love the clothes too as the quality and detail are amazing, and everything about this doll is age appropriate and promotes a healthy body image

  3. 09 January 2019 / 11:54

    My girls absolutely ADORED their I’m a Girly doll – except now I’m constantly having to mediate arguments over who gets to play with her next, haha! x

  4. 11 January 2019 / 19:07

    I absolutely love this doll and would have killed to have one like her when I was young. The wigs are such a good idea and the fashions are so much more in-line with real fashion compared to other dolls out there.