21 family recipes using flavour pots

Pea soup by Simple Wanderlust

Roasted garlic & pea soup to prepare at home and eat outside, by Simple Wanderlust

OXO are convinced that their new range of Herbs & More flavour pots are so easy to use that they wanted to see mums let their little Kitchen Magicians do the cooking for once. So 15 BritMums bloggers took up the challenge and became assistants to the magicians as the children took over the preparation and cooking of the family meal.

The unanimous decision of the bloggers was that the Herbs & More range are simple and effective to use. The addition of one pot adds a whole new dimension to dishes. They were added to meat, fish, risotto and vegetables. Here, some fantastic ideas to give you a head start from foodie parent bloggers.

Jack cooks at The Crazy Kitchen

Jack, resident Kitchen Magician at The Crazy Kitchen

Kid-loving chicken dishes

White wine and parmesan chicken risotto with Lemon & Thyme — The Crazy Kitchen

Chicken risotto with mushrooms and chorizo with Lemon & Thyme —Mummy Barrow

Chicken and vegetable risotto (scroll down in post for recipe) — Mari’s world

Easy pasta, potato and couscous dishes

Simple cous cous with Lemon & Thyme — One Dad 3 Girls

Linguini alla Carbonara with Roast Garlic & Parsley — Country Heart and Home

Roast garlic and parsley mash potatoes (scroll down in post for recipe) with Roast Garlic & Parsley — ET Speaks from Home

Easy flavoured boiled potatoes with Tarragon & Chive — One Dad 3 Girls


OXO Herbs and More

Alice and Bessie OXO Kitchen Magicians for Mari’s World

Kid-friendly beef and pork meals

Beef and Ale Casserole with Rosemary & Red Wine — Mari’s World

Italian Lasagna (scroll down in post for recipe) Rosemary & Red Wine — Mari’s World

Slow cooker sausage and lentil casserole with Rosemary & Thyme — Actually Mummy

Lean cottage pie with Rosemary & Thyme — Anyonita Nibbles

Gruyere-topped cottage pie with Rosemary & Thyme — More than Toast

Tasty cottage pie with Rosemary & Thyme — Mummy, Mummy, MUM


OXO Magician

Kezia, Kitchen Magician at Inside the Wendy House

Family fish dishes

Herby Salmon — ET Speaks from Home

Great glazed cod with Tarragon & Chive— Verily Victoria Vocalises


Vegetarian dishes and sides

Vegetarian lasagna using Quorn with Rosemary & Red Wine — Side Street Style

Roasted garlic and pea soup with Roast Garlic & Parsley — Simple Wanderlust

Garlic mushroom pie (scroll down in post for recipe) with Roast Garlic & Parsley — Inside the Wendy House

Quorn Bolognese sauce with Rosemary & Red Wine — Inside the Wendy House

Broccoli and Roasted peppers with Rosemary & Thyme — Verily Victoria Vocalises

Tarragon and chive asparagus (scroll down in post for recipe) with Tarragon & Chive — ET Speaks from Home


Herby Salmon OXO Herbs & More

Mr K Kitchen Magician at ET Speaks From Home


The OXO #OXOHerbsandMore project was a paid campaign with BritMums. Bloggers were compensated for their time. All opinions and editorial are their own.

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