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Mums in Business Round-up: Delegating this summer holidays

Mums in Business Round-up: Delegating this summer holidays

We are officially mid way though the summer holidays. Are you surviving or thriving? I don’t know about you but I want to spend my summer holidays with the kids, doing fun stuff not working. But as my to do list gets longer and longer and my energy levels shorter I struggle to fit even the basics in.

Here are 5 top tips  getting the kids involved this summer …

  • Being Social : We all know the key to most social media platforms is “interaction”. Don’t know about you but during the holidays with 3 children I barely have time to interacted with my cat let alone online. So take a leaf out of my book and get the children involved with trawling through instagram liking your followers pics and leaving comments. It’s a great way to kill 10 minutes in the car and you know I like to multi task! 
  • Or Just Turn Off Social Media : If you only have a short period in which to work you will get far more done if all distractions are taken away. How many times are you in the middle of a task/post and a notification has pinged through from Facebook, Twitter or even an email? You will then find yourself scrolling aimlessly through your feeds and half an hour or even an hour has disappeared before you realise! *waves hands madly in the air* this is the story of my life! I really need to get better at this Emmy’s Mummy has a whole host of great working from home tips to keep you on track. 
  • Child Labour : Every small business mum should be doing this right now! “I try to get the kids involved in my work, simple things like sticking labels on catalogues or helping me sort stock. It helps make them feel a part of it and one less job to do for me, yay!” Alexia, Made By Me Parties
  • Housework : I don’t know about you but I am totally not able to childcare and clean. I *really* need a cleaner! But this post from Coffee, Cakes, Kids has a list of jobs your children should be able to help with around the house. If a 5 year old can make his own bed then my 9 year old should definitely be making mine! 
  • Have fun : It’s the summer! As long as you are upfront with clients from the beginning then many will be happy to wait a bit longer than usual. I absolutely love this tweet from Nisha and it’s the perfect way to end this post :

September’s topic will be around “Getting Your Small Business Back on Track“. After 6 weeks holiday it can be hard to get back into a routine. Hey last September I pretty much procrastinated for most of it! If procrastinating was an Olympic sport I’d have won Gold, Silver and Bronze …. I’m that good! If you have any suitable posts tweet me @charliemoos

See you next month!  

About Joanne Dewberry

Joanne is a 30 something coffee lover living in rural Dorset with her long suffering partner and three children Charlie (2007), Megan (2008) and Olive (2011). Joanne is owner, designer and creator at Charlie Moo's specialising in handmade fabric party bags. She also writes a small business blog, is a Sage Business Expert and author of Crafting a Successful Small Business. In 2010 Joanne was named Dorset Business Mother of the Year and has numerous accolades and awards to her name. In her spare time she likes to eat and watch crime dramas sometimes at the same time!

Catherine Green

Tuesday 16th of August 2016

Yes, I have had to slow down the business dramatically during summer while both my children are at home all day. Currently in the throes of pre-family holiday panic as I try to pack clothes etc, clean the house, tie up loose ends and still do business!

Joanne Dewberry

Wednesday 17th of August 2016

I have totally lost all focus on the business this summer. But the kids and I have had an awesome holiday!

clare nicholas

Monday 15th of August 2016

Thanks for including mine. Great tips. I live the summer holidays but am currently so behind with work that I've said no to everything coming in over the summer until I've caught up.

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