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dadsWelcome back to the latest Dad Blogger Round-up – the only place to get your monthly dose of all things dad. I usually try to apply some kind of ‘theme’ to my round-ups, but I’m happy to admit that I’ve failed miserably this month. Instead, I’m going to wing it slightly with the random theme of ‘posts I liked this month’. That works, right?

The first post I’m sharing is by Harry over at Dad’s Diary. He recently wrote about his dad rage, which he likens to Dexter’s dark passenger – just in a non-murderous way (I hope). He tells the story of being at the beach with his kid, whose choice of clothing – or lack thereof – gained attention from onlookers. What did he do? You’ll have to read it to find out.

My second post is from Simon at Man vs. Pink who recently penned his thoughts about the bravery of being a stay-at-home dad. I rarely leave Simon’s blog without a load of questions running through my head due to what I’ve read – this post is no different, as he shares his experiences of being a stay-at-home dad, whilst raises some interesting points about why some people praise SAHDs yet don’t do the same with mums. A compelling read as always. 

I’ll be honest, I rarely read posts about blogging. Yet, a recent post by Martyn of Inside Martyn’s Thoughts piqued my curiosity. In be the persistent blogger, Martyn does his best pep rally impression to give hope to thousands of bloggers who haven’t yet ‘made it’. His message is simple – write for the love of writing, improve how you write and don’t expect immediate success. A must read for any bloggers needing a kick up the arse. 

Another post I’ve enjoyed recently is by the ever amusing Mark from Best Dad I Can Be. He’s recently taken on the mammoth task of walking the Pennine Way with his son. His latest post shares an incident which happened at the 75 mile mark as he got stuck in a bog, lost his phone and was forced to walk the rest of the way in his pants, to the obvious embarrassment of his lad. Guaranteed to give you a laugh.

The final post I’m sharing this month is from Matthew at Dad Up North. His daughter has recently become mobile, so he shares 5 tips for when your baby starts crawling. Each point is spot on and something I quickly learnt when Toddler L started crawling. Although, if he thinks crawling is annoying, just wait until she starts walking! I defy you not to nod along as you read his post. 

So that’s all from me (The DADventurer) this month. John (Dad Blog UK) or Tim (Slouching Towards Thatcham) will be back next month – I’m not sure which, so that’ll be a pleasant surprise for us all.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

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Dave, aka The DADventurer, is a thirty-something, married, dad of one. Living in Hertfordshire with the missus (Hayley), 15-month old daughter (Toddler L) and sausage dog (Dax), he started his parenting blog in July 2014 as a place to share his experiences, learnings, misdemeanours, failings and random musings about being a dad. He has so far chronicled the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, birth and being a newbie dad, before shifting focus in May 2015 to write about life as a stay-at-home dad in a mummy-dominated world. His writing is often prone to the occasional swear word, plenty of random thoughts, brutal honesty and frequent laughs.

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    Hi Dave, you realy inspire me to be a dad blogger. But I cant write a good article like you and other dad. My english is bad, too. Sometime I hire someone to correct my grammar if I write an english article, but i dont convidence with my article quality.