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Welcome back to my Newbie Round-up. How’s your summer holiday going? Run ragged? Or enjoying every moment? Safe to say it’s been a mixed bag here so far! Is the summer break giving you time to get some blogging jobs done? I have used some of the time to change my blog theme over on You Baby Me Mummy and write an ecourse. I have also enjoyed taking time to read some wonderful posts by our Newbie bloggers and I want to share some of my favourites with you today.


I loved 15 Things ALL Parents Should Be Told. Everyday! from Jade over at The Parenting Jungle. There are times when parenting is tough and it’s so important for parents to realise they are not alone. Jade shares this important message with a wonderful humorous touch.


When we become parents it’s not uncommon for friends to fall by the wayside, especially those without children. Your priorities change and life become less carefree than it was before. Bridget from Bridie By The Sea shared her experience very eloquently in her post I’ll Be A Good Friend Soon, I think it is a post that would resonate with many of us.


Something that often takes some getting used to is our post-baby bodies, Jenni from Chilling with Lucas highlighted the need for us to appreciate the amazing thing our bodies have done in producing a life, Love your body, it’s the only one you get.


A post written so beautifully that it brought a tear to my eye was No apologies from Danielle at Someone’s Mum. Explaining why she doesn’t want people to say they’re sorry for her son’s Autism, Danielle shares why he is so wonderful just the way he is. Such a wonderful post, thank you for sharing Danielle.


You often hear people say, ‘Oh you’re just a mum’, Maria from Happy Mummy tells us why “Mum” should be on your CV! Such a great post and very true, I think we all rock!


Emma from Island Living 365, winner of the 2016 Fresh Voice award at the BiBs, has sadly recently lost a close friend to cancer.  Emma is part of the #bloggersbeatingcancer campaign, which aims to help raise money to beat cancer and she penned this beautiful tribute to her friend, There are no words


Rounding up this month with a hilariously funny video post from Gemma over at Life is Knutts. Gin & Tonic four ways is a little touch of genius and is super funny.


If you would like to submit a post for a future Newbie Round-up please email [email protected] a specific post for consideration. You can submit any post you wish, it doesn’t have to fit a particular theme. All we ask is your blog is under 18 months old or recently relaunched.

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