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Forget perfection #LetsGetReal: 50 health & beauty hacks

Forget perfection #LetsGetReal: 50 health & beauty hacks
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We can all feel the pressure to be ‘perfect’ – to look a certain way at all times. At our #LetsGetReal Twitter chat we talked all about rejecting unreal expectations and celebrating our own versions of perfect. Discover 50 cheap everyday health and beauty hacks you can start using today.

Easy ways to get organised in the morning


2. Not only do I lay out uniforms for children and P.E. kits, do same for me, saves rushing about looking! @JAZZ_SHOESDANCE

3. For a morning pick-me-up, tell yourself something positive then look in the mirror and smile. It’s infectious! @LaurettaCWright

4. If I take time to meditate each morning. It can make up even for lack of sleep! @Iggy131313

5. For a morning pick-me-up, tell yourself something positive then look in the mirror and smile — it’s infectious @LaurettaCWright

6. Make time for a cuddle with your loved ones in the mornings before the madness begins. Start the day right!

7. My worries always seem bigger if I do not get an early morning walk @kateonthinice

8. Turn everything into a race. Kids love it

9. I have a Twitter list called ‘inspirational women’ which I look at every morning. It’s grown-up women talking sense @Flowerpowerlife

10. One of our fave hacks is filling up the cafetiere in the evening to have fresh coffee in the morning without waiting

Makeup, beauty and skincare hacks

11. I often slap on bright lipstick to detract from my eye bags! @YouBabyMeMummy

12. I don’t wear much make up but a bit of mascara does make me look a little more put together! @MadelineLitt

13. An eyelash curler can make lashes look longer and open up the eyes. I use one everyday with a flick of mascara to feel and look pretty @jhowze

14. Plenty of sleep and plenty of water is the best beauty hack there is @missielizzieb

15. Love perfume. I wear it every day without fail @babynotincluded

16. Treat yourself once a month. Even if it’s only a small thing and your budget is tight. It’s a great boost.

17. I put my hair in plaits the night before and take them out just before the school run to get wave effects hair @jane1346

18. I find sometimes just simply trying something new in my skin care routine can make me feel good @MyTwoMums

Easy morning hair hacks

19. My mornings are so busy, I barely get time to brush my hair. That’s where the Messy Bun comes in very handy @V82CHRIS

20. An easy-to-maintain haircut makes life easier + hydrate your skin and you’re fab @simonecas

21. When your hair really needs washing but you don’t have time, stick it up and wash the fringe


cute caps hide bad hair days

Instant energy hacks

23. Try to do some push-ups while I’m doing bath time – sounds crazy but it works! @motherhoodreal

24. Get outside and take your camera/phone with you. Get some fresh air in your lungs and take photos! @mariajkknight

25. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, the kids and I go for a walk at the beach. It’s so calming and stress relieving @Tantrums2Smiles

Feel-good tips

26. Always strive for peace rather than chasing down happiness. If you feel good, happy will follow

27. I find sometimes just simply trying something new in my skin care routine can make me feel good @MyTwoMums


29. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers. Makes you smile

30. How many agree a bubble bath washes cares away? @pinkwinkgirly

31. Clean bed to jump into at night helps me feel great @pinkwinkgirly

Climbing into a tidy bed makes a big difference @PinkWinkGirl

32. I use a golf ball rolled under my soles for a foot massage every night. Relaxing & beneficial! @jhowze

33. If you want to feel young you also need to act young. Always find your inner child @angep1969

Forget perfection


35. Accept that jeans and over sized jumpers are OK! Comfort can come before Trend @V82CHRIS

36. Being honest? I struggle physically to shave my legs; If they’re not out, I’m not bothered & don’t feel pressure to do so! @CarlaRTOATSblog

37. Stop looking at the number on your clothes tag – wear what feels good and your confidence will feel good

Celebrate who you are

38. Forget about being ‘perfect’. You’re unique

39. Just remember your children love you just the way you are @Tantrums2Smiles

40. Remember all big changes start with small actions

41. Beauty is all about the person. How they care. How they make you laugh until you cry. Not airbrushed tat

42. Every day before you go to sleep think of one thing you are grateful for @mariajknight

43. Compliment yourself like you would others. Us mums work hard. Recognise it & let others know they are doing a good job @clarateddy

44. For feeling great, treat your body like a temple and surround yourself with things you love @QueenofCollage

45. Don’t compare yourself to others. Jealously is a wasted emotion. Lift each other up not down

46. Get a dose of natural light each day to naturally lift your mood


The last words

48. Act like a child, get wet, get dirty, throw your head back and laugh…nothing is more beautiful @Iggy131313

49. Reach out to a friend who makes you feel good



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