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As I sit down to type this I know I only have 4 days left before our next long haul adventure this time to Tanzania. We have really embraced travelling long haul with our kids who are 7, 7 and 8 but know some people can be a little bit concerned about doing so.

This post will hopefully reassure you that Long Haul Adventures are not only possible with kids but lot of fun too. Our long haul adventure last year was Malawi Family Holiday where we spent 14 days having the best fun!  You can also check out some advice on Flying long haul with kids here.

So where do other families recommend for Long Hauls Adventures from the UK:


Caribbean Cruise

Last year Alana and family had the most exciting adventure when they booked a last minute Caribbean cruise. They whisked their two sons – then aged nearly four and two – on a flight to Barbados, before sailing to St Lucia, St Kitts, Antigua and back to Barbados for a day. How amazing to escape the cold British February weather for two weeks in the sun.
They spent most days enjoying the pristine beaches, but took a tour of St Kitts to see a bit more of the island…

Arches National Park

Leona recommends you look no further than the US National parks! Their favourite is Arches National Park with an abundance of family friendly hikes and landscapes! It’s the perfect place for an outdoorsy family holiday.

Costa Rica

Louise recommends Costa Rica in green season which was beautiful and the children got to see so much amazing wildlife. As it focuses on US tourism, it is a lovely place to take young children.


Ottawa’s a compact city that’s easily walkable with kids. Nell visited the Canadian capital in the depths of winter, but if the cheeriness and good spirit shown through temperatures of -20 is anything to go by, it’s a place that would extend a warm welcome to families at any time of the year.


Austin, according to Jen, is one of the coolest places to visit in the U.S., you can now fly direct from London, and it’s a city with a true sense of place. It’s got true Texas appeal with barbecue, cowboy culture and country music, plus sophisticated city life. You can be eating traditional migas in the morning, locally sourced porterhouse at lunch and smoked yellowtail with asian pear at dinner. Austin has a reputation as being a playground for grownups but it has special appeal for families — from swimming holes to a stellar science museum to Formula 1 racing and visiting the State Capitol building to great food and more. 


Nadine recommends a family holiday to Mexico and taking the kids to swim with dolphins!  They all loved it there and would definitely go back. It’s on my list too.

Tracey also suggests Mexico. After going to Mexico in 2001 for their honeymoon they always knew they wanted to return as a family. And the Moon Palace in Cancun did not disappoint. Also showing that you can go long haul for 7 nights and still have fun.



If you’re a family who crave epic lunar landscapes, affordable and rewarding safaris, and a true African adventure, Namibia gets Travelynn Family’s vote as one of the best places for long haul family travel. Add to this the good roads, low malaria risk and the one hour time difference from the UK, it’s a definite winner in their books. 



Japan was Emily’s family’s first long haul destination – they visited last December.  Tokyo went down an absolute storm with her 5 and 3 year old kids.  Both of them loved the modern and kawaii (cute) side to Tokyo; her daughter went crazy for the Harajuku Monster Cafe and her son’s favourite thing they did was the show at the Robot Restaurant.  They also had a great time trying Japanese food and learning about the Japanese way of life.  They’d recommend spending at least 5 days in Tokyo to really get a feel of this incredible city


Carrie from Flying with a Baby tells us that one of her preferred holidays in Thailand is exploring the various islands. Recently, they went off the beaten track and visited Koh Jum after a short stay in Krabi. An hour taxi ride followed by a 45 minute long boat ride brought them to this idyllic island spot. Think Thailand before mass tourism descended but with all the comforts (but with no 7/11 in sight!) With various accommodation options from there is something suitable for all budgets and more importantly, stunning unspoilt views, the most glorious sunsets and plenty of flora and fauna. They swam with turtles, saw Nemo, followed a monitor lizard and met wild monkeys and walked on beaches with sand as soft as talcum powder.

Ania recommends Bangkok where they had been a year before. There are so many flights to Bangkok from Birmingham or London. And when England is at its coldest and dullest with so little sunshine, Thailand will greet you with lovely winter weather, great food and a million places to explore. If you have limited time to explore Thailand than Bangkok is perfect. The things to do in Bangkok with kids are unlimited – visiting Kidzania to feeding elephants.  One of the great plusses of Bangkok is that you can do it on a budget or go posh, but in either case it will be cheaper than any kind of entertainment in the UK – and with sunshine guaranteed.


Kirsty tells us that visiting this amazing and unique cluster of thousands of ancient temples in Old Bagan, Myanmar with their children (3 and 5) was one of the most amazing trips that they’ve ever taken. Fantastic family-friendly hotels, welcoming locals, delicious food and of course, one of the largest and most spectacular collections of temples in the world. They will never forget whizzing past the atmospheric silhouettes of temples and stupas in an open tuk-tuk as the moon rises behind them. What an incredible scene!


For a family friendly, long haul adventure you could try The Philippines. Avoid Manila, and travel straight to the islands. There are over 7000 of them so you have a lot of choice. Kirstie Pelling from the Family Adventure Project suggests a two centre break on Cebu and Bohol. There are loads of affordable adventures in Cebu including a sky walk around a skyscraper, zip wiring at the Danao Adventure Park and swimming with whale sharks at Oslob. 
Bohol has the Chocolate Hills – what more can a family want? But you can’t eat them. They are made for getting out into nature; you can look down on these Hershey shaped kisses from a bicycle zip wire. Oh actually, don’t look down….
Check out some more of the best things to do on Bohol. 

Sri Lanka

Jacquie and her family love Sri Lanka as a family destination and were so saddened to see the terrible news last month. There are many destinations we’ve been to over the years that have been affected by these terrible acts of terrorism, even London town. The point is that these events can happen anywhere. We’ve chosen to still mention Sri Lanka to celebrate this amazing country and hope (that in time) others will continue to visit this beautiful and truly hospitable place.

For the next travel round-up I’m after your favourite European Luxury Resorts.  Please let me have a couple of introductory sentences explaining why you’ve chosen this post and send it to me by email to me [email protected] by 14th June 2018 I’ll include the first 15 posts which I receive.

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