45 kids meals ideas to mix up your menu

burger fajitas by Crazy Kitchen

Burger fajitas by The Crazy Kitchen

How do you inject a little variety into your family meals? At our #MixUpYourMenu Twitter party, mums shared their clever tips, tricks and tasty family meals. We were especially inspired with the ideas using Birds Eye mealtime favourites fish fingers, peas, chicken chargrills, burgers and new wholegrain fish fingers!

The party was sponsored by Birds Eye, who have loads of fantastic tips to mix up your menu and keep meals exciting while making foods kids will love. Also check out some family meal ideas from Birds Eye #mixupyourmenu ambassador Katie Bryson, who blogs at Feeding Boys and a Firefighter. It is time to Mix Up Your Menu!

You can also follow Birds Eye on Vine and watch their fun and funky mealtime inspiration videos.

Fun ways to use burgers

If you have leftover burgers why not use them in fajitas? @Jessies_Kitchen

Sprinkle some Cajun spice on your burgers before cooking to spice them up…veggie or meat works well. @dianestar17

How about chopped up burger pieces with pasta. Like meatballs, but better? @Luckysammystarr

I cut up burgers and add to the gaps in hasselback potatoes! @domestigoddesq

Use burgers chopped up as an alternative to mince with a Bolognese sauce @LaureninSuffolk

Korma with crispy Chicken by Lauren in Suffolk

Korma with crispy chicken and peas by @LaureninSuffolk

Chicken dishes with a difference

Chicken chargrills make up a quick roast dinner on colder days @LaureninSuffolk

We also use the crispy chicken and peas for a Chicken Korma. Always a hit with the boys! @LaureninSuffolk

Chicken Grills are perfect for cutting into strips and using in fajitas @angep1969

Cook an extra chicken chargrill & save for next day. Cut into strips and mix into salad @Maris_World

My kids love original chargrills, sliced in wraps with cucumber, carrot sticks, cheese and mayonnaise @beccicourt

Leftover risotto giardino with Chimmichurri chicken for Granny’s lunchbox @domesticgoddessque

We love this monster burger including chicken chargrill and potato waffle! https://t.co/cx9ERldOfZ via @Jessies_Kitchen


Wholegrain Fish finger cones by Domestic Goddesque

Wholegrain fish finger cones by Domestic Goddessque


How to eat fish fingers beyond peas and chips

Video: Only posh lunches for me – fish finger croutons I’ll have you know @Maris_World

Chopped fish fingers make a great topper for light summery soups @cookingkt

Wholewheat fish finger cones: Playdate tea or smart canape? @domesticgoddesq

Fish fingers mashed up with mushy peas and salad cream in a tortilla wrap are delicious. I sometimes add sweet corn @toni19780

How about chop up fish fingers, add them and roasted vegetables to skewers for different take on kebabs @dianestar17

A fish finger sarnie on brown bread with salad vegetables for a fast and balanced tea @niffsmammy

Be tempted by a new twist on fish fingers with lime and mango via @LaureninSuffolk


Lunch in a jar by Domestic Goddessque

Chicken chargrills with fruited rice & yoghurt by Domestic Goddessque


Fun teatime meals kids will love

Saturday is home-made pizza day in our house. Frozen sweetcorn is always a great topping to add

Sports Day lunch in a jar: Chicken chargrills with fruited rice and curried yogurt dressing @domesticgoddesq

Stir fries are another good standby easy to add meat or not (tofu goes well too) @hill_wheeler

A waffle chargrill cheese toastie [potato waffle, chicken chargrill, topped with shredded cheese] @Jessies_Kitchen

9 new ways to eat peas

Frozen peas make a great addition to any green veggie smoothies! @niffsmmmy

Bacon, Mushroom and Pea Linguine: perfect quick mid-week meal!

My son thinks anything goes with everything so we can have some really mixed up menus! Peas with everything @mrs_meep

Add frozen peas/ sweetcorn to cornbread nice and healthy @dianestar17

I also use peas in my Scallop and Shrimp Pasta – freezer staple! @apriljharris

How about adding a handful of peas to your pesto pasta for a quick lunch @Jessies_Kitchen

Frozen peas are perfect for a veggie curry! With a side dish of steamed rice[email protected]

Also love peas in any vegetarian risotto or my Vegetarian Pasta Risotto @apriljharris

Pea pesto tapenade that takes only minutes via @jhowze


hiding peas in veggie burgers by @niffsmammy

Sneaky peas by @niffsmammy

Recipes that get kids to eat vegetables

There is just something very satisfying in a sweetcorn fritter @LinsiPie

Cooking waffles: mixing up egg with a handful of vegetables and cook for hidden omelette windows @thesoupdragon44

Also hide peas in my veggie burgers! @niffsmammy

A game of waffle noughts and crosses with circular carrots and green beans @wlc47

I mix cauliflower in mashed potato so my little boy has his vegetables @ambzlou1

Charles is OBSESSED with Macaroni Cheese. I add peas to it to encourage him to eat vegetables.

Omelettes are also a great way to use up leftover vegetables @Sue72

Crispy fish finger pie by Katie Bryson for Birds Eye

Crispy fish finger pie by Katie Bryson for Birds Eye



Here is my favourite lunch salad: Chicken chargrills carrots tender stem @jhowze

Check out these Baja Fish Tacos via @AModernMother

Crispy fish finger pie by Feeding Boys and a Firefighter

The last words

Check out Helen at Crazy Kitchen’s post about the party

Here’s one I made earlier! @KatiePrentice2

The Twitter party made me hungry so I made a pea and mint frittata @Jessies_Kitchen


The BritMums #MixUpYourMenu Twitter party and blogger activity was sponsored by Birds Eye.

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