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Bumps and babies round-upHow easy is it to keep the spark alive in your relationship once a baby arrives?

I will, quite coyly, admit my husband and I have been sleeping in separate bedrooms since the birth of our daughter last year. Our arrangement wasn’t supposed to last for ten months. The idea started so my husband could get a good night’s sleep before getting up early for work, meaning I wouldn’t disturb him during the night with night feeds and he wouldn’t disturb me (and the baby) getting up early for work. It was the perfect solution… or was it? Ten months later we’re stuck in a rut. Sleeping apart is brilliantly refreshing, you can spread out across the bed, wake up still covered with duvet and never get disturbed by sneezing, snoring or random leg kicking. However, there’s no camaraderie in sleeping alone. We don’t wake up and have morning chats or last thing at night giggles, we both feel like we’ve drifted apart.

New research reveals the majority of women (62%) admit to neglecting their partners after giving birth, with most agreeing romance is on the back burner in the first stages of their newborn’s life. Out of 1,000 new parents questioned most blamed tiredness as the main reason for not paying their partner enough attention.

With this in mind I agreed to take part in Sleeping Duck’s 100 Day Sleep Challenge and blog about it. The experts behind Sleeping Duck have launched a new, revolutionary mattress; the first of it’s kind in the UK. They assure me sharing a bed has never felt better.

So finally after ten months we are set to share a bed again and move back into the same bedroom. The new mattress swung it, my husband hates to think he’s missing out on something good! I’ll be blogging about my 100 Day Sleeping Challenge here.

In other news this week I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these posts:

My daughter’s just started her settling in sessions at nursery…so I took solace reading this post by Mummy Writes Blog giving mums 10 Guilt Free Reasons To Use Childcare

As someone who’s trying to come to terms with flying food, I really liked The Glam Mummy’s post about Messy Eating and the fact she does it often wearing high heels!

As a Instagram addict I found City Girl Gone Coastal posting brilliantly effortless photos of wild flowers, delicate petals and striking trees.. Her post The Simple Things  really made me smile, I too believe nature is a great healer.

Naptimes are a conundrum… should you use the opportunity to relax or be sensible and get on with chores? A Baby On Board has come up with a comical list of 31 Things To Do During Nap Times.

Regardless of how your baby was born all mums will be able to relate to Hannah Spannah’s What does it feels like to have a C section? It’s honest and heartwarming highlighting the amazingness of childbirth, whatever the situation.

Please join the linky below if you’d like to feature in next month’s Bumps & Babies post. Until then 🙂

Jess x

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Jessica Brown is mum to three-year-old daughter Alannah and one-year-old son Barnaby. She was the showbiz editor at the Daily Star newspaper but now blogs at Jessica Loves . She is a freelance journalist who lives in Solihull and is on Twitter @_jessica_loves and Instagram @jessicalovesblog.


  1. 18 June 2015 / 11:13

    Luckily we didn’t have a second bed or I think we’d have been in the same boat! When Baby Girl was 10m in Jan, we set ourselves the ‘challenge’ of a date night each month, which I blog about to keep up on track. It’s been going wel although we don’t yet have anything planned this month…..

    • 18 June 2015 / 22:56

      That’s probably a blessing in disguise, then!! It seems like a good idea at the time, but is then a bad habit to break. Date night is a great idea…esp with summer finally here. Three months of dates and sunshine, the perfect combo. Enjoy!!