How do you make health & wellness a priority? #we11nesshour #ad

Pennyhill Park soak Spabreaks spa

Taking some time at Pennyhill Park, a Spabreaks spa

On 18th September we held a Twitter conversation on how you make health and wellness a priority.

As many of us know, between work, family, home and social life, it’s the rare woman who takes enough time for herself.

Our #we11nesshour Twitter chat was all about encouraging you to stop for a moment, take a breather and take care of yourself. You all had some great tips to share with the community.

The chat was sponsored by, Europe’s leading spa booking agency. Working in partnership with the charity Willow, is dedicating this week to women’s wellness. Throughout the week, will be highlighting issues that affect women as well as fundraising for Willow, which provides Special Day experiences for seriously ill young adults.


Never forget to take care of you!

As a mum it is natural to put the family first, but if you are feeling burned out, you can feel grumpy and tired and are not firing on all cylinders – it seems you agree:

Sometimes you just need that time to re-boot and get your tanks on full again @MummyMatters

We must remember to look after ourselves as the family rely on us @Chelseamamma

If i eat rubbish – i feel rubbish! @TheBeesleyBuzz

Fatigue caused by my chronic illnesses @TheSpoonieMummy


JHowze doing We11nesshour

BritMums cofounder @JHowze has a moment of relaxation

Finding time is tough!

The whole work, life, balance debate rears its ugly head again. Promise yourself to mark out some time on your calendar or in your diary and so something for YOU!

Childcare – with no extended family nearby it’s very hard. I put my career on hold but I find it tough not going out to work! @KEEccles

Stress. Hospital appointments + coping w/ society’s set backs when your child is disabled @TheBlossomEdit

Juggling Work/School/Home life balance – trying to get my twins to school on time, work, and still have time to be a family @FairyonaFlower

Tips for how you like to relax on a daily basis



That sound perfect and how my husband runs baths for me – he always gets the temperature just right @Kateonthinice

I make time to read a few pages of a good uplifting book every day. It helps me to unwind and that’s so important @KatCandyFloss 

I make sure i get enough sleep and make myself stop when i feel i am overdoing. A short walk or nap make a difference @Nadia653

Make some time for your hobbies, I joined a band and its great to get out once a week just for me @TheSoupDragon44

I find going for a daily walk for just one hour a real treat. Peaceful, reflective time for me alone @Gottobein

Sometimes it’s as simple as taking time to prepare a healthier lunch rather than rushing through the day on junk food @TheBeesleyBuzz

Even a roll on aromatherapy stick and five minutes of just quiet breathing can help restore my equilibrium @AngeP1969

Time to reflect, even ditching the car and walking makes me feel happy. Making time @Vicky_Varley

What is your favourite spa treatment

I went with my Mum and sister for my birthday last year. Massage, lunch, swimming in outdoor pool, hot tub. It was fabulous @FeehleyMax


I do love reflexology, so restful @TheSoupDragon44

Cosy relax room, facial, body scrub, hand/ foot massage, tea and cake in my robe and prosecco! Can I go now please? @DanielleDeer

Your dream spa breaks

Somewhere where I could have an overnight break and with fabulous food as well as relaxing facilities and treatments @TheBeesleyBuzz

Just a day of relaxation! I’m not fussy, I just need to relax, a massage, facial, jacuzzi and manicure sound good! @Autumns_Mummy

An overnight pamper break with my partner without the children, so we can just have a little grown up time @Win1603

Me & my partner Champagne + lunch + A LOT of treatments just us two @TheBlossomEdit

My best friends, peace and quiet, an outdoor heated pool, pampering, fluffy towels and my phone switched off @Goriami

A spa day with my best friend, with afternoon tea, and a massage, if I was rich some beauty treatments too! @SophieLily93

An all inclusive experience with hot/cold and ice rooms- a mud spa exp, jets, a jacuzzi, outdoor elements such as a pool @topsy1973

And finally, some of our Britmums bloggers took part in the wellness hour massage-athon and selflessly enjoyed a full body massage to raise money for the Willow Foundation. It was hard work, but someone had to do it!!





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