Health Round-up: Acne & hair dye

health round upWelcome back to the Health Round-up. I took a break last month due to general chaos of summer term life. But we are back this month with an interesting selection of health-related posts from around the blogosphere.

First up this month is a return to Mum of Three World who has had ongoing problems with her skin and has been desperately searching for answers. After making the tough decision to take a course of Roaccutane, she was thrilled with the initial results without any of the possible side effects but then suddenly her skin deteriorated again. She has now been given a diagnosis of Rosacea and been prescribed a course of very strong antibiotics. Follow her story in her post; The acne and the hair dye.

Is it possible to revolutionise your diet and your life? This is a question that seems to be more and more en vogue at the moment with lots of people advocating the benefits of clean eating and paleo diets or cutting sugar and or processed foods out of their diet. Does it really work? This post from An Author’s Notebook is a really interesting read on the subject and talks about a mum who made radical changes to her eating regime with the support of a nutritional advisor and she talks about how it has affected her life for the better.

One blogger is on a mission to raise awareness about food allergies and the dangers of anaphylaxis and in this moving post, she shares the worst day of her life when her son suffered anaphylactic shock and she suffered a miscarriage. Anaphylaxis is an acute allergic reaction and often can develop so rapidly that it needs to be treated usually with an adrenaline injection to stop the reaction becoming life-threatening. For a parent of a child with severe allergies, this is a huge worry and this post is does reassure that there is a positive outcome to this terrible day.

If you are looking for some fitness inspiration, Vanessa from A Happy Healthy Mum has the post for you. Vanessa has just completed her first triathlon, which is an amazing achievement. In her post, she gives all of the details about her experience from the reasons why she started training for a triathlon, the kit she needed and of course how she got on.

PCOS is the topic of conversation over at The Ginger Warrior, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome to call it by its full name. In the post My ovaries are bigger than yours, she talks about her own experience of PCOS and how it has affected her. PCOS is not life-threatening but can cause fertility problems and other side effects and although currently there is no cure, it can be treated. This post is an upbeat post on the topic but gives lots of information about what to look for if you think that you might have the same condition.

Over 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage before 12 weeks, so too many expectant parents to be experience the pain and heartbreak of having to grieve for a child that they will never know. Having experienced this myself, this moving post from Glasgow Dragonfly really brought back those feelings of despair and confusion.

Having a baby in a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) must be an unbelievable stressful time for parents and over at 23 Socks there are regular posts about life in the NICU as the blogger is a NICU nurse. These posts offer an insight into NICU but also offer support to parents. This post NICU and Numbers has been written to help people understand what the monitors at the baby’s cotside are showing with the different numbers, colours and sounds as it can be even more alarming if you don’t understand what it all means. This post is a really interesting read but the overriding message is that the biggest indicator of how your baby is, is by watching your baby and not the monitor.

Periods are one of those topics of conversation that many parents put off from having with their daughters yet it is such an important conversation to have and it really needs to take place before the periods start. Helen at Actually Mummy has had to have that conversation with her own daughter and made sure that she was well prepared beforehand. In her post How to rock the period talk, she has lots of tips and useful advice to help parents prepare their own daughters when the time comes.

Jane at Northern Mum often blogs about her daughter’s Type 1 Diabetes and she does a valiant job in helping to raise awareness of this life-changing condition. In her post Type 1 Diabetes: When it is all too much, we are reminded of how hard Type 1 diabetes is on a family and she has included a piece written by her daughter about the day she was diagnosed. As Jane says in the post, her daughter is amazing.

As always, you can leave any health posts that you have read in the comments or tweet me @stressymummy if you have a post that you would like included in future health round-ups.  

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  1. 30 June 2015 / 14:54

    That’s a really comprehensive round up, thanks, and some interesting reads. For me, the post from FreeFromFarmhouse about allergies is of real interest as my boy has allergies but so far nothing that has been so extreme – so far *touch wood*

    In this hot weather & the advent of many car journeys down to the coast/on holiday I have written a post about how we need to put up with the extra wee stops and give our children more water. Dehydration can have the same debilitating affect as giving our children alcohol!

    If you’re interested in reading it’s here:
    Thanks for a great round up!

  2. 03 July 2015 / 04:31

    I had tried roaccutane for a while and the same thing happened to me, went away for a bit and then came back! I had to go on it a few times at 6 months a piece for it to eventually go away, or at least almost all away.

    Hope Mum of Three can find a solution that works for her!

  3. 11 January 2016 / 03:57

    I’d love to introduce myself. I’m a uk parent and health blogger at I write about my health journey with Adrenal Insufficiency. The main focus is being a mum with chronic illness and family life. I am also going to be having a gastric bypass next week and will be sharing my journey on the blog. I’d love to feature in your round up in the future.

    Angela Milnes 🙂

    • 09 February 2016 / 12:30

      I am also blogging about life with chronic illness, I have MS and it’s taken my eye sight and so I’m blogging that journey.