#BritainsBrightestStreet – last chance to apply!!

Keep calm and go solarSunEdison, the world’s largest renewable energy development company are on the hunt for #BritainsBrightestStreet and the search closes on 6th July. They are looking for 5 – 20 households on the same street that want to save money whilst benefitting from solar energy.

At-a-glance entry criteria:

  • They’re looking for 5-20 neighbours who want to get solar converted
  • You and your neighbours must live in houses or bungalows that you own – not flats
  • You have a pitched roof that faces due South, South East or South West
  • Select a primary contact to liaise directly with SunEdison

#BritainsBrightestStreet: Apply!

You  can enter the search to be on the receiving end of approximately 45%2 off your energy bills from day one, with £0 upfront cost and £0 ongoing costs for 10 years1 courtesy of SunEdison, the world’s largest renewable energy development company.

Not only this, the street awarded the title #BritainsBrightestStreet will also be able to nominate a local school or charity project that they believe is deserving of having free solar panels installed. So not only will you be making savings on your household energy bills, you’ll also be doing good within your local community. The search for #BritainsBrightestStreet has been launched to celebrate SunEdison’s new Energy Saver Plan – a revolution in home solar energy plans.

Do you want to be an advocate for the #BritainsBrightestStreet search? We’re looking for savvy bloggers to help us encourage people to rally their neighbours and apply to be crowned #BritainsBrightestStreet.

The key call to action is to encourage people to find out more about #BritainsBrightestStreet and visit: www.sunedisonenergysaverplan.co.uk/britainsbrighteststreet

1 SunEdison will pay the first 10 years of fees. After the 10 year point the homeowner will be liable for the usual quarterly fees for the remaining 10 years of the ESP contract.

2 Approximate savings are based on an average 3.99 kW home installation as well as the average UK resident consumption profile according to the information found at http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/sites/default/files/reports/PoweringthenationreportCO332.pdf

Read BritainsBrightestStreet’s Terms & Conditions


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