40 top tips for a British summer party

What makes a great summer party? There’s nothing quite like the British summer, and nothing better than celebrating it than a summer party. Whether it’s a big festive shindig or an intimate family get-together, a summer party is a great opportunity to prepare tasty food, decorate the house and have fun with friends and family.

At our #SuperSavvyMe Twitter party, we asked you to share your top tips for a summer party. The party was sponsored by SuperSavvyMe. It’s a source of lifestyle ideas all year round, offering the latest reviews, expert advice, special offers, recipes and more.

Here, the tips to make your next summer party the best yet:

Domestic goddessque tweetSummer party food they’ll love

Make tabbouleh for summer barbecue parties as it’s easy to fed a crowd. @kiwi7001

A packet or two of puff pastry makes a cheap way to make yummy nibbles. Pizza twirls and pesto and parmesan twists are a favourite! @Over_A_Cuppa

I make pavlovas and put the seasonal fruits on it. Yum. @kiwi7001

Watermelon punch bowl and Fruit ice cubes (make the day before) always a big hit. @cupcayke_lufc

Fruit kebabs, chocolate dipping pots, grown up ice creams! @ljbarton

Gingerbread is always fun for little kids or big ones @kiwi7001

Ice cups for the kids, plenty of ice cream and ice lollies. @cupcake_lufc

Fruit on sticks! We save lolly pop sticks for watermelon, frozen kiwi and bananas @MeTheManandtheKids

We always have a make-your-own-sundae dessert. Kids love choosing own sauce and sprinkles @domesticgoddesq

Don’t forget the jelly! The LOs adore the stuff & it just wouldn’t be a party without it @inverleny

Freeze grapes and use them instead of ice in wine. Looks royally posh at the party and nice to eat afterwards @amy_chilton

Love toasted marshmallows and popcorn and need to invest in a chimnea @mumslittlepeeps

Toasted marshmallows – is a big winner in my house. http://t.co/VcZHkVJG4h @kiwi7001

My tip — have a range of non-alcoholic drinks for kids & adults who don’t want to imbibe. Mocktails are fun! @jhowze

Practical tips for summer parties

Fill a child’s paddling pool with ice for bottled and canned drinks. @Kookie662

Cupcake cases with straw pushed in over glasses stops insects getting in drinks. @Kookie662

Keep emergency kit to hand, for stings, cuts/burns and emergency clean up kit for indoor spills @MSEDollyP

Skewers are great for fruit, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, cold marinated chicken, etc. @jhowze

Have citronella candles in jars to keep the bugs at bay! There is nothing worse than being bitten to death! @molly_pip

Five adventurers tweetFun summer party themes

How about a wildlife party? Spot the bugs! @KatiePrentice2

Beach party @Sharon135153

PJ parties! It’s the only time of the year it’s warm enough to go out in jammies @MummyKV

Polynesian themed complete with luau style Hawaiian pork. Simple and delicious @Jamie_duckworth

Love the idea of a Hawaiian themed party, grass skirts, cocktails… Just need to sunshine! @JanTweetTweets

An evening party is sometimes best. We have a tent set up for the kids to play in and feel like it’s camping @Fiveadventurers

Love Hawaiian theme as the shops always seem to have things in this theme! @LuckySammyStarr

Coping with the British Summer weather

Gazebos seem to be a must for parties in the UK – just in case @Kiddycharts

You are outside and you want people to stay outside add some blankets or throws! Love being under a blanket! @Over_A_Cuppa

Invest in a gazebo! Somewhere to hide from sun/rain instead of house bombing @dottyrose45

How do you keep the kids away from the BBQ? I was thinking of investing in one of those huge stair gates.. @MeTheManandKids

If you haven’t got a gazebo, for kids a beach tent is perfect ours was £5! Mine used to love it! @Over_A_Cuppa


kids ideas for summer parties

How to keep the kids happy at a summer party, by @LuckySammyStarr

Kids summer party games

Water guns, sprinklers and a slip and slide mat always comes in handy for the kids, and the adults @cupcake_lufc

Water bombs/balloons are essential and so cheap! https://t.co/Qgn0BDXF5H @LuckySammyStarr

Bubbles, bouncy castle, tent and tunnel, blanket with cushions in shade! They loved it! http://t.co/jiwLTF6yYg @LuckySammyStarr

Make your summer party look good

Bunting, balloons, paper lanterns in trees, if eve fairy lights in them. Flowers, jam jars drinks the whole works! @ljbarton

I’ve just ordered one of those huge jars with a tap so we can have impressive mocktails at ours! https://t.co/UxArMMWJMw @LuckySammyStarr

Umbrellas and fun shapes ice cubes @MeTheManandKidsHome made decorations, paper chains and bunting, get the kids to be as creative as possible @cupcake_lufc

I made pretty flowers from tissue paper for last years big summer party! http://t.co/AgNhfty5PH @LuckySammyStarrhttps://twitter.com/Luckysammystarr

The last word

Does anyone else start tidying up when they’re ready 4 guests 2 leave?! Need tips on subtle hints! @aFieldSomewhere

Got tips or ideas on summer parties? Add them here!



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    Love the suggestions to summer food, at that perfect summer party! Strawberries and cream is one of our favourites, old school!

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    Next time im visiting Britain for summer