January financial detox: 4 easy steps for a healthy bank balance

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January – a time for new resolutions and a more wholesome lifestyle. Of course I’m always looking at the financial side of things. It’s time for a detox and one that could lead to much healthier looking bank balance.

Cut the screen time

It amazes me how much people pay to watch television. With the licence fee coming in at around £150 a year and over a hundred channels on Freeview alone you would have thought that would be enough. It seems not judging at some of the contracts people pay. Think about how much you do watch all those channels you pay extra for. Could you do without them?

Many people are now legally watching television but not paying the licence fee. If you just watch streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you don’t watch any live broadcast television or record it and you don’t watch the BBC iPlayer you don’t need to pay.

Think hard about your mobile phone

We love them but they cost us so much money. If you want the latest model it will come with a hefty one-off fee or a costly monthly contract. We eagerly await the day when we can upgrade but do we really need to upgrade our phones? Are you just doing it for show? Will a new mobile make flicking through Instagram any better? Probably not as for the majority of us our mobile phones are far too advanced and technical for the everyday tasks we use them for. Go sim only and start saving.

Getting fit – a cheaper option?

As we all know new gym memberships rocket in January when people are full of good intentions. The problem is that when results aren’t instant. It all becomes too much hard work especially when you can be sitting at home in the warm watching one of the many TV channels you pay for. As a free alternative opt for a more gentler approach to start with. Ditch the car (thus saving more money) and walk instead. If you want to up the pace find your local Saturday morning parkrun. I can guarantee you the lure of some good chat and cake afterwards will get you out of bed.

Don’t buy Veganuary hype. Get back to basics

If you’ve decided to go vegan for January and maybe beyond then good for you. What I’m worried about is the cost of it. Supermarkets have jumped on the trend with a full range of vegan ready-meals. It makes meal time easy but expensive. Remember that veganism is a plant based diet so get back to basics and stock up on fruit and vegetables rather than microwave meals.

Make decluttering pay

Clearing out our homes has never been so popular and with Marie Kondo’s tips on decluttering now on Netflix even more people have caught the bug. Before you order the skip think what you could sell first. Remember what is one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Try car boot sales, online sites or contacting specialist sellers. Spark joy folks!

Have you had a January detox? Are you wanting your finances to look better this year? 

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About Ness Charles

Ness is a former qualified independent financial adviser with many years of experience in pensions. Since having her two children she has gone back to her first love of writing. Ness now writes the blog JibberJabberuk focusing not only on personal finance but also her love of cake baking, gardening and taking photographs on her travels around the UK.