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How is it already March? My baby girl turns one this month and I am not the only person to think that the last year has flown by and by the looks of things it has no plans on stopping!

So now is the time that many seem to have forgotten about their new year’s resolutions but I feel like the momentum of positivity and wellness is at an all time high this year with so many people having a better awareness of looking after themselves and the importance of self care.

I’ve always maintained that I love new years and new chances and Yvette said it perfectly in her post A New Year Motivational Message, where she wrote “A new year is a great opportunity to refocus and re evaluate ourselves”

It doesn’t have to be the 1st of January to start new goals though – there are some great tips on Wake Up & Blog about how to set goals and stick to them.

Maybe you are desperate to eat better? Natasha shared an amazing post on joining Slimming World to help her learn healthier eating habits.

For me personally I am really trying to reduce the amount of waste my family create. Naomi from Tips with a Tot shares some amazing small sustainable swaps which have really helped me!

Another common goal I see people hoping to acheive is to be more hands on with their kids in the craft department. I LOVE this craft shared by Rainbows are Too Beautiful showing how to make a Pearl of Wisdom.

Most of all though, one goal I’m sure we can all agree on is to get some more energy! Baby Budgeting shared an amazing post on How to Start the Day Full of Energy that has amazing tips!

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About Georgina Clarke

Georgina Clarke is a Mum of two. Her children have a sixteen month age gap so due to having almost back to back pregnancies and the chaos of a toddler and a newborn she threw herself into health and wellness. She wanted to make sure she was always on her a-game so that she could thrive within motherhood and avoid feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. She decided to share all of her research with tried and tested techniques so that other mums could feel their very best too. You can read all about her story and tips over on her blog.

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  1. 26 March 2019 / 15:28

    What a great reminder after the first quarter of 2019 to take a look at our goals? It’s almost a better time of year to start something new than New Years’ as the Springtime brings with it a sense of newness too.
    Happy birthday to your little one – I’m sure the next year ahead will fly by just as fast!