Mums share 66 tips for spring cleaning

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We asked parents about the never-ending job of cleaning, their top tips and suggestions on how to get motivated. The party turned up tips for every type of housekeeping philosophy, which we’ve separated into sections below.

And as @PippaD pointed out, the benefits of spring cleaning aren’t just a tidier house – it can also give you a more ordered state of mind after the cobwebs of cold weather.

There were so many fabulous suggestions that we couldn’t include them all here. But here are a smattering to help you with the practical (and psychological) task of getting your home shipshape.

Quick cleaning strategies

@Aresidence: One room at a time. Gives you a sense of completion before moving on.  

@neviepiecakes: Declutter a small area each day eg. a shelf or makeup bag. Off 

to do mine now!

@Aresidence: Dress up as Fifties housewives, drink G&Ts and listen to Nina Simone. Worked when I was a student…

RT @SarahJBass: Thats more like it RT @Beckicklesie: More motivation?! Heavy cleaning burns 204 calories PER HOUR!

@Lauren122484: Making it a goal to throw away 100 things today!

@momonawire01 Reward yourself when you’ve finished the house, it’s blooming hard work!


How to more easily clean you family home

@Bobbity666: Get the kids involved – good cleaning habits start young and they love to help dust…


sler If kids’ bedrooms have gone beyond them, put a hoop on the floor and ask them to tidy up one hoop at a time

@michelletwinmum Definitely use the 1-in and 1-out rule. My kids have all learnt this & it makes them think before buying more rubbish!

Or not…

jd_artofwhimsy: Try not to have the kids around when you #springclean. Mine are always putting old toys back into their rooms just after I’ve binned them!

Natural & easy spring cleaning hacks

@smilinglikesuns: Vinegar can be used (1 part vinegar – 1 part water) as a disenfectant on countertops, bathrooms and floors

@jd_artofwhimsy A great spot remover for fabrics: 1 tbsp borax, 1 c hot water, a few drops eucalyptus oil. Mix & let cool.Works on most stains!

@LilacNic: @MummyBloggers Clean blinds by placing an old sock onto your hand & dipping in vinegar, simply wipe the slats clean

@organisedmum: Use newspaper to dry washed windows or mirrors to prevent smearing

@clareandtribe: If u burn a saucepan 1/4 fill with water add a sprinkling of washing powder and simmer for a while

@MostlyYummy: Use a sock as a duster on your hand on the bannisters and handrails on the stairs. So much easier and quicker.

@clareandtribe Use half a lemon to wipe over chopping boards and knives after chopping garlic

@michelletwinmum RT @Mummiafelice: Baking soda made into a paste is great at removing marks and stains << & on white goods too!

@perfectweekends Tip: Keep an old toothbrush to get into those difficult areas behind taps & around plug holes.

@Mummiafelice Use white vinegar to clean mirrors and glass. No streaks and dead cheap- not brown though or it will smell like a chippy! lol

@Ali_Davies Dust with a damp cloth. Picks up dust without it flying everywhere. Saves using chemicals so saves money too

@Melaina25 Half a lemon dipped in kosher salt is great for polishing and cleaning copper pots!

@adnamaenajyhp use a hairdryer to blast dust off venetian blinds – saves loads of time

@mummypreneur Another #springclean tip-use leftover cold tea 4 cleaning dark wood.My mum always fed her house plants w it too 🙂

@Beckicklesie: Lemon is really good for bringing up shine! Use it on your brass or anything that’s missing it’s gleam

@wendymcd83: Use babywipes to clean leather sofas.

@Mummiafelice If you pull out leather sofa to clean and find the kids have scribbled on it – try hairspray(on an inconspicuous place first)

@Mummiafelice WD-40 can get crayon off of walls! Just rinse it well afterwards with a cloth!

@Mummiafelice Shaving cream, left to sit for a bit (and some elbow grease) can bring up a bath like new. #springclean

@goriami: @mummybloggers Use babyoil to make stainless steel (i.e, front of stove) really shiny!

@clareandtribe Lightly spray some furniture polish on inside of light shade – as bulb heats will emit smell 🙂

@violetposy: To clean the microwave quickly, pop bowl of water with half a lemon in it – put on for a couple of minutes then wipe clean.

@jd_artofwhimsy: A great spot remover for fabrics: 1 tbsp borax, 1 c hot water, a few drops eucalyptus oil. Mix & let cool. Works on most stains!

@Beckicklesie: As well as making your windows shiny, vinegar in the toilet bowl will help remove stubborn marks

@Bobbity666: if you have asthma sufferers in your household open the windows when hoovering to help alleviate the dust

@clareandtribe: Drop 4 Alka Seltzer tablets into loo and leave for 1 hour brush and flush = sparkling loo

@adnamaenajyhp: Wrap a mop head with an old sock to reach cobwebs – dunk in soapy water first!

@TeamLeila: Give dado/picture rails and sideboardy things a vac before you wipe them to avoid more dust flying in the air

RT @goriami: @mummybloggers Use baby oil to make stainless steel (i.e, front of stove) really shiny! #springclean >>great tip! hate streaks

@LilacNic: A few drops of essential oil on your lightbulbs will give off a lovely scent when you switch the lights on

Secret places people miss while spring cleaning

@melissatalago: Wash filters in stove extractor before they get oogey – mine go in dishwasher

@TheMichaelMoran: It’s worth blowing all the accumulated dust out of computer fans with air-duster. It’s good for crumb-laden keyboards too

@SAHMlovingit: When doing your #springclean make sure you include shampooing your carpets – everything looks so much better with brighter carpet

@michelletwinmum Don’t forget to take your curtain and nets down to wash too

@donowt: If you have a dog, vacuum the dog, not the floor – stops hairs at source (Dyson make a special attachment)

@Bobbity666: don’t forget to clean your skirting boards when cleaning – looks so much better if you do

@Blatherskite_MN: Run your washing machine empty at 90 every now and again to make sure it’s clean

@Bobbity666: Clean the leaves of plants using a cotton wall ball soaked in milk – you’ll be amazed at the dirt and dust it removes

@BrigiCarter: Vacuum your sofa properly and underneath the seat cushions too – you’ll be amazed at amount of crumbs that accumulate there

@TeamLeila: @MummyBloggers Change sheets fortnightly and pillowcases weekly, hoover under and behind bed too

How to get rid of mice and other pests

@jhowze Friend has just texted me a mouse tip – peppermint oil. Apparently they hate the smell. Sprinkle round doors, cracks etc

@Rentokil: And vacuum! It removes allergens RT @SuperAmazingMum every time you change the bed linen, turn the mattress (NB: @Rentokil was the sponsor of the party)

@Rentokil: TIP: good housekeeping helps prevent flies & fleas as it deprives larvae of the organic matter they feed on

@Cat_Hill: I always clean under the fridge to make sure I’m not attracting cockroaches eeew

@mummypreneur: mouse-in-loft trapping tip. Place a v deep container with lettuce leaf at bottom [plastic swing bin] under beam. mouse trapped

@V82CHRIS: @MummyBloggers I open the windows daily to air the room & keep the dusty Bed bugs at bay ,ergh horrid though now of them lol

@Bobbity666: Hoovering your mattress helps keep down the amount of dust mites

@BrigiCarter: Don’t leave breadcrumbs on your kitchen worksurfaces or on the floor – always clear away…otherwise they may just attract ants

@deBugged: Open windows to let carpet beetles out.They pupate in March then fly towards the light in search of nectar (NB: @deBugged is the Twitter name for the blog of Rentokil, our party sponsor)

Lazy cleaning tips

@Beckicklesie Air your house – wait for a breezy spring day, open the windows and doors and let nature do its business

@cosmicgirlie Don’t stress about it. Seriously. I have 2 Smalls who trash my lounge with toys every day. Sometimes you have to accept mess.

@Mummiafelice @Chocadores Haha, maybe your dogs could wear little duster cloth shoes and polish the floors?

@Bobbity666: Dogs are great for cleaning up food messes after kids meals

@michelletwinmum RT @KateTakes5: Fail-safe #springclean tip: Wear your shades indoors – dust will magically disappear. << lol, not like cleaning then?

@pinkyaks: Get a cleaner/choose to live in squalor

@kohsamuirosie Call mother up — she knows how to roll her sleeves and get the job done!

What are your cleaning tips and hacks that make house cleaning easy?

Picture: Alesa Dam via Flickr

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    We would recommend dealing with clutter before any cleaning begins. Donate all things you no longer use to people that might need them.
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    It’s that time of year again and as everyone prepares to shuffle off the winter coat, so should your apartment. But fear not, Spring Cleaning from top to bottom doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds.