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23 tips for teaching your children at home

23 tips for teaching your children at home

Whether you are homeschooling, home learning or just have your kids at home for a short time and are keeping up with their education, making it work for you can occasionally (ahem) be a challenge. We chatted to the UK’s top parent influencers about what they do, whether they are juggling homeschooling with multiple children, as a single parent, as working parent or as a parent of that special creature: teens.

school age girl playing with math cubesThe #HomeSchoolResources Twitter chat was sponsored by Learning Resources. Learning Resources recognises that each family must take their own approach, one that works for them. That means combining your particular style with the things that support learning and fun in your family: things like printables, activities and playtime to keep everyone’s interest and energy up (especially harried parents!). Learning Resources  is the #1 resource to spark your child’s curiosity and encourage learning through hands-on play. Find ideas for home learning, science discovery, coding, teaching, STEM, printables and more from Learning Resources’ award-winning educational toys, games and classroom essentials.


Acknowledge sometimes it’s difficult

My sweet little girl has turned into the naughty kid of the class!! They don’t listen to me!!  @tazarazamuffin


Embrace your family’s learning style

boy on sofa with headphones pointing at camera

We like anything involving getting outside and being creative. Our favourite so far was recreating Columbus’ voyage to the Americas with some small world play. We like to take our learning outside as much as possible. @LiquoriceUK

girl playing with boat in paddling pool



Get older children involved


What works for other parents

We have been doing lots of crafting as my daughter who is 5 loves this the most. She happily crafts away while I help my son who is 12 with his work online and when he’s happy I craft with her. Then we have the afternoon off just to play in the garden @charlychoc2

I love to setup my table the night before with our stationary etc… shows the girls that I mean business with schooling too lol @Sooz_1

We have a bit of food tech in the mix too The teen even made our Spaghetti Bolognese on Saturday night @VicWelton
We’re enjoying exploring topics. We’ve had a Viking Day, Pirates Day and it’s Star Wars themed today. #MayThe4th School is more fun when you can dress up! 😂 @Dear_mummy
We’ve been really enjoying having themed weeks. We are focusing on the VE Day this week with various projects, we are trying to use rubbish to make a spitfire and design some GB flag bunting. Last week was Earth Week, we were playing bird/bug bingo! @0LoyLakes
Little one loves fiddly things like shape sorting, buttons, twisty things like screws or doors for fine motor skills. Big one is more creative and enjoys role play games. @WarksKids

Embrace ‘life skills’

Not every lesson comes from a book. As parents we should feel good about preparing our children for the world as well as for exams. 

Baking, chopping to make dinner, life skills 👍 @BagsofJan

So much learning goes on with board games @LauraBritton16

Part of our ‘doing something kind’ she made letter writing packages for a local care home @missielizzieb

Growing veg has been a great education for him. We do it every year but not with the science of pollination and plant life cycles. I love it @SingleParentPes

At the start of lockdown, my little one planted seeds – they needed planting for the allotment anyway, but tied in with her interests and her learning at school too – winning all around – she’s loved caring for them @mymummysworld


Keep things in perspective

This is especially important if you have taking on teaching in the short term and wondering how you’re going to do it all. 

We’re lucky that our school hasn’t set any work. They’re being quite chilled and more concerned about the kids’ mental health. They support whatever we manage! Some days are better than others 😂 @Angep1969 


Break up the day

I’ve found doing it in smaller chunks (20 mins) helps, and starting with physical activities to get him centred for work @SingleParentPes

I break the day up into hours. An hour on, then an hour off. School lessons are 9-10, 11-12, 1-2, 3-4. @DonnaDyble1

It’s difficult getting Amelia to do the subjects she doesn’t like. We found getting her to do 30min sessions in these subjects better than an all out war. #compromise @DonnaDyble1

Toys & resources that make learning fun

One thing we’ve learned is one size or approach does not fit all children! Need some fresh inspiration? Check out Learning Resources Home Learning advice

child with bincoluars from Learning Resources

These binoculars would be great for mini beast hunting 😍 #HomeSchoolResources. It’s amazing how much there is to learn in your own garden 😍@angep1969

I didn’t even realise there was free resources on there. May be a good way to mix up our learning now @MyMummysWorld

Thank you for sharing – the @LRUK resources have really helped us get through this! I bought a whole bundle when the lockdown was starting, such as learning bugs & phonics dice, which have so many different options for activities to keep her motivated 🙂 @snowkaz84

More advice for teaching kids at home

11 easy ways to homeschool better


Visit Learning Resources to discover free resources as well as fun supplies you can get to make learning at home more fun at any time.

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Tuesday 12th of May 2020

Some great tips. We have done the life skills bits and bobs, from jobs in the garden to baking and cooking and food prep. Board games are great to make learning fun, and using certain tech like apps and ebooks on their tablets. Tech such as the Nintendo switch have been used as rewards for good school work.

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