Holistic: What are your non-negotiables?


The holistic movement is one that covers looking after the whole person. It believes that everything is connected but it also looks at unique elements which treat the body and the mind from spiritual practices to mental wellbeing. The term Holistic covers a massive area and so in the this monthly round up I want to look at all the different ways we can reconnect with ourselves.

Self care and body positive have been the buzz words of 2019. I have found that we are more progressive in looking after our mental and physical wellbeing more then ever and so the round up will look at elements that can help you reconnect with yourself. We will look at simple ways to reconnect with yourself and encourage you along whatever journey you may be having.

One of the ways I look after all aspects of me is that I have a list of non negotiables. These non negotiables and are between 5 and 15 minutes each and I have 4 on my list to do everyday.

One of the elements of this is to listen to podcasts. I want to listen to women talking about the positive actions they are taking in their lifes. For me this means not oversubscribing to Podcasts or You Tube but committing to a ten to twenty minute listen every morning on the way back from the school run, Instead of self procrastinating online!

For my first round up I wanted to look at elements which together can help with self positivity and encouragement without feeling bamboozled with complex talks. These people break it down and never fail t leave me feeling good about myself and challenging what I believe I can achieve:

First up is this podcast by Ebonie Allard. Ebonie is a self confessed misfit to maven and helps small businesses and bloggers with their creative juices. In her podcast she doesn’t just encourage a change in our behaviours but no subject is untouched. I loved the way in which her guest talks about sensuality, saying no and how we talk to and treat ourselves in this episode.

I have been watching Kirsty Karnifard’s videos in her Feminine Fierce Facebook group too. I love that as a therapist and coach Kirsty shares short videos that help you learn, grow and feel confident. Her holistic approach to self awareness is one of my faves. Kirsty has spent years treating others at her eco spa which I feel gives her a natural passion to continuing supporting her clients both mentally and physically.

Lastly I follow Emma Ward who runs the Freelance Lifestyle. Emma is an amazing source of information as well as support for those on every stage of their freelance journey. Her tea break podcast is only 5 minutes a time and I love that I can fit in this bite size amount! I love how it’s more of a check in on myself and my what I should be doing to support my blog and business.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first Holistic round up! Next time I’ll be checking in on the bloggers who have published books to help on your YOU journey.

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About Chelle McCann

Chelle is a busy mum of 3 and she has spent the last two years researching holistic ways to feel good. Holistic looks at things as a whole so how self care, therapies can help you’re physical, mental health and wellbeing. There are many practices that Chelle has found useful since being diagnosed with PND in 2019. On her own journey (which she documents on freespiritedonline.com) she’s found some amazing women and men along the way that create a sense of well-being and positivity by using different element to ensure that you’re looking after yourself. Chelle will be sharing anything and everything that helps others feel well from the spiritual to journaling to daily rituals that will help you feel whole.