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Passion makes the world go around – isn’t it true? We all have a case or a issue that we hold close to our hearts. This is how we choose charities we support as well. It can be because we have been affected in some ways. Or we feel strongly about something, so we help. We can help many ways: donate money, donate our time and efforts or raise awareness. They are all equally very good ways to help. This month, I’ve collected posts written out of real passion for our charity post round-up.

First, let me start with Emma. Many parent blogger in our little community knows Emma, she’s been blogging for a few years. I always enjoyed her posts about her family’s Jersey life. Sadly, over the past few month Emma’s blog became a journal of her illness as she’s documenting her fight with bowel cancer. She’s a true inspiration: she’s so brave and honest and through her battle she inspires others to do the same. Not only that, but she also taking part in the Cancer Research’s Race For Life – and she wrote a fantastic, uplifting piece about it. You go Emma!

Second, I have another Emma, who is a fashion blogger and mum, I’ve been following her mirror selfies and her art deco architecture finds for a while now. She’s passionate about fashion. When I came across her post about her favourite charity shop finds, I thought, other fashion bloggers should do this too! Charity shops are a great asset because they raise a lot of money from selling unwanted goods. The money will then benefit important cases like heart or cancer research, homeless shelters or hospices that are really dependant on charity shop donations.

The third post I’d like you to read is about how can we support people living with disability. It’s easy to take our independence granted – as Talya says. She also lives with an invisible disability: reactive hypoglycemia. Se explains in her post, that 1 in every 5 people will acquire a disability in life, so supporting people living with disability helps the whole society. With her post, she’s supporting the Together, Unstoppable campaign from Leonard Cheshire.

And finally here’s my The Good Cause Of The Month post.  My passion is eco friendly living. I’d like to raise awareness for Plogolution in this article. It’s a non-profit organisation promoting plogging (walking or running whilst picking up rubbish) so it’s not only good for the environment, it’s also a great way of getting some exercise done! They also go into schools to educate on the environment and the impact of rubbish and plastic pollution. 

Hope you enjoyed reading these posts. Until next month.


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Eva is originally from Budapest, but she lived in Australia, cleaned beaches in Ibiza and now settled in London. She has a green heart: she considers herself as an environmentalist. She recycles, reuses and repairs. A vegetarian, who prefers the eco-friendly version of everything and buys ethical products whenever possible. You’ll find great veggie recipes on her blog. She’s a huge yoga-believer who loves tennis! She’s also a former hotelier and travel expert having worked in hotel management for 15 years and with her family she travels a lot. She blogs about their journeys, shares her experience and writes reviews.

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