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Healthy Book Reviews: Books to help you glow this summer

Healthy Book Reviews: Books to help you glow this summer

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Looking to chill out with a good book this summer but at the same time spend some time getting your health in shape? This healthy book round-up has something for everyone.

From weight loss to gut health to skincare, mental health and family wellbeing, let this book list be your first stop when deciding what to read on the beach this year.

I’ve rounded up some reviews of excellent health focussed books from bloggers, health professionals, and Mums like you to bring you a list that will keep you going all year long.

  • Recipe books

Nutritionist and Chef Dale Pinnock shows you how to eat well on a budget


Most children (and adults) could do with lowering your sugar intake. This tasty book shows you how without resorting to dull food


Even if you switch to just a couple of meat free meals a week (meat is healthy too after all), the money saved will soon add up


The Danish concept of hygge (cosiness), Caroline warms to cockles with nurturing food


Recipe book freebie! I normally promote this around pancake day but you can get my 10 healthy pancake recipe book here




  • Nutrition books


If you want to eat less sugar but are overwhelmed by where it hides, Sugar Snub is an excellent guide book with charts and shopping guides.


Eat dirt? Yes really! Instagrammer Siobhan highly rates this book for all things hut health


Could food allergies in the family be any harder?! Simplify your cooking with this family guide


IBS? This is described as ‘delicious food for sensitive stomachs. Might have to get this one myself!


Liz Earle is known as the skincare guru but it seems she knows a thing or two about gut health too, all with a natural approach of course



  • Weight loss books


Eat Drink and Be Slim was the first book I wrote and it got a fantastic review from ITV and The Biggest Loser dietician Faith Toogood. If you like food and hate fads but need to lose weight, this one is for you


eat drink and be slim book


I’ve also read The Diet Myth – full of fact but not in a boring science way, this entertaining read is fascinating!


Five books to help you change your mindset to get in the right ‘headspace’ to lose weight. I’ve read The Power of Habit too and it’s truly brilliant.


With a science background you won’t find Dr Linda Hodges spouting any silly fads here



  • Beauty & skincare books


This blog reviews not just some great skincare books but products too



  • Exercise books


If sweating and stressful intense exercise isn’t your thing or you you have pain, joint or postural problems then I highly recommend Pilates. My friend Marie-Claire gave me copy of her new instructional book and it’s the best and easiest to follow I’ve ever seen.


pilates book



  • General wellbeing books


I meant it when I wrote this as the ‘Ultimate Guide’ for Mums. Covering, exercise, food, mindset and troubleshooting your hurdles you can get the ebook here or on amazon here


purple book


PT Mollie has you covered if you just need an easy to follow fitness, nutrition and wellbeing plan over the Summer. There’s goals for all sorts of health issues and it’s designed so that you only need to use the book three days a week!



  • Mental & emotional health


Being a Mum is hard. Mentally the most challenging experience. But you’re not alone


By a child psychiatrist, this is an insight into the stories of young people and how the experience of childhood shapes who we become as adults


Daily life has become a distraction of activities and internet usage, to the expense of being in the moment and forging close relationships with those who matter. This book helps you to reverse that.


Not sure where life is going? Need some clarity, confidence, and a path to follow, Girl Wash Your Face will help you unpick the hurdles in your way.


More calm and acceptance? All Mums needs some of that. Buddhism for Mothers could be the calm you need


Crime, drugs, teen pregnancy and rape – this humbling story makes us realise how strong we can be and how much we can get through


Another humbling self-encounter with alcoholism, sexual misconduct and mental health issues. You’ll be touched by the honesty and openness.



  • Family & child health


The book I wish I’d had when I was pregnant, and that I now gift to all my pregnant friends


no guilt pregnancy plan book


Dyslexic child in the house? Or maybe it’s yourself. Be reassured there is so much special about the dyslexic


As a qualified beauty and holistic therapist I can’t state the benefits of massage enough. It’s a lovely way to bond with your baby too. Here’s tow books to get you started and


Fussy eating, sorted In fact it was such a good book I got sent two reviews for it!


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