Health: School holiday ideas to keep the family healthy

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Want to avoid six weeks of computer games and bored children? BritMums have come to the rescue with this round-up of school holiday ideas to keep the whole family fit, healthy and having fun this Summer.

Six weeks can seem like a long time when your kids have the attention span of, well, kids! And it can be easy to default to TV, tablets and computer games to keep them occupied.

But while there’s a time and place for relaxation and down time (as well as a break for you, Mum!), fresh air, sun and exercise make everyone feel happier and healthier.

Getting active together is also a great way to spend quality time together as a family and find new hobbies that you all enjoy.

The BritMums community have come up with some brilliant active ideas for keeping the family moving this Summer, from outdoor adventures to rainy day activities, things to do DIY on a budget at home, and there’s some healthy recipes to fuel all that running and climbing.


I went to my first Go Ape when I was 10 and loved it! There’s a few dotted around the UK:

Geocaching is treasure hunts 21st century style. All you need is a smartphone and goo walking shoes, ideally waterproof as who knows where those treasures are hidden! Tow Mums tell you more here: and here:


Some unusual ideas in this blog you might not have thought of

Camping, love it or hate it, find some great tips here on how to make that trip extra wild:


Rainy Day Activities

Like bouncy castles, but 100 x bigger and better!


Is it an indoor playzone? Is it a science experiment? Is it an educational and active day out? Yes yes and yes!

So many fabulous rainy day activities here!

You would be amazed how many steps you can clock up walking round a museum. Wear a step tracker and pay a visit if you’re not convinced!


Fun on a Budget

Many Mums see their running time as ‘me time’, but during holidays, take the kids! You’ll still get your exercise and they’ll be calmer after being exhausted!

Who knew tennis had so many benefits and isn’t just about hitting balls?

Because teddies need dens too! Or upsize them for the kids to fit in too….


Look no further than your garden:

I firmly believe trampolines should be renamed bouncing sanity savers:



Healthy Child Friendly Recipes

Breakfast is always such a rush on school days, so slow down during holidays and have breakfast as a family the best way – with pancakes!

When you’ve got fussy kids you can’t argue with hidden veggies, especially when they’re disguised as a cartoon!


This Roald Dahl inspired Snozzcumber Ice Cream recipe is as genius as the author himself, real fruit, low sugar, and so much fun!

It wouldn’t be Summer without at least one Ice Cream Sundae, but this one is really nutritious!


Places to Visit

Castles are a minefield for little imaginations and there’s so many interesting things to discover you won’t even notice all those steps and hills you’re climbing:

Just taking in a deep breath and the view in the Lake District make you feel healthier, but here’s some activities to do while you’re there:


Wildlife parks double up as fresh air + sunshine as well as a long walk. And they’re educational too!

Still not sure? There’s a whole list of places in the UK to visit as well as hotel reviews here:

Whatever you do, have fun this summer and I’ll be back next month.

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