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Understanding the perspective of carers is an essential aspect of nursing. Often, supporting families, carers, teachers and others who look after the children is vital for the children. The wellbeing of the family unit has an effect on the child and it also works the other way around naturally. This month, I am focusing on charity posts centred around a charity or non-profit organisation that are offering help to families, carers and teachers.

The first post I really liked this month was from Typical Mummy and it’s about the Butterflies Project by The Donna Louise Hospice. It’s an art installation at Trentham Gardens in Stoke-on-Trent featuring 5000 ceramic butterflies that will each be sold to raise vital funds for the hospice. Until recently, the hospice was unable to support young people beyond their 19th birthday, which left many families feeling uncertain and stressed about the future. The hospice therefore made the bold decision to expand their services to include teens and young adults. Therefore, The Butterflies project was born (inspired by the poppies at the Tower of London), to help the hospice to continue their amazing care and to be able to promise to families that they will be there for them for as long as they are needed. 

The second post I’d like you to read – and this might be something which could be also set up easily elsewhere – comes from Cardiff Mummy and helps to raise awareness for the Cardiff and Vale and Barry School Uniform Donation. As it’s in their name they collect outgrown or unwanted uniforms from the local school parents.Then, if families need financial help with buying school uniforms, they can get in touch confidentially and the organisation will do its best to kit their child out from its donations. This is such a brilliant and simple idea.

The third post is coming from The Busy Papa, and he wrote a post about why is he actively supporting Young Minds. The charity, Young Minds are in their own words; “leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges”. As a child the author had to overcome difficulties and witnessed hardships – so . as an adult he supports this charity. Young Minds has also worked alongside autism specific charities as well as other groups to raise awareness of the fact that autism is not a mental health condition, to campaign change and to support those affected (or living in fear of being affected) that need it.

And finally, my monthly charity post on my blog. I’d like to raise awareness for a newly launched innovative program, the Climate Change Teacher Academy. It’s a free training course and all primary and secondary school teachers need to do is log onto the Climate Change Teacher Academy to access the five free courses. These courses are accredited by the United Nations. So, teachers will be able to teach their pupils vital lessons about climate change and at the same time they will also earn CPD and certification from the United Nations. 

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