Health Round-up: Fertility, diets and running

health round upWith a distinctly cooler feel in the air and all thoughts turning to getting the children back to school after the summer holidays, lots of bloggers have been blogging about health matters this month.

Firstly, Sarah from Mum of Three World has had a few concerns about her daughter’s health over recent months as she has been complaining regularly of stomach aches before bed time.  Having finally decided to visit the doctor, it turns out that her daughter  has a blocked bowel and was prescribed a chocolate drink to cure the problem, which sounds good in theory until she discovered that the chocolate medicine was not very pleasant.  In her post; Conquering Constipation and Chocolate Medicine, Sarah talks about how she has cleverly found a way of getting her daughter to take the medicine without getting stressed and upset and how she plans to work on improving her daughter’s diet to stop the problem happening again.

In Kate from Musings of a 21st Century Stay at Home Mum’s post; Impaired Executive Functioning – time to ditch the briefcase?, having been given a diagnosis of poor Executive Functioning after her twelve year old son had been tested, she is feeling very positive about the news.  Not only does Kate explain more about Executive Functioning and how it works, she explains that the knowledge she now has is power and enables her help her son deal with this condition and move forward in a positive way.

Having suffered with secondary infertility following damaged fallopian tubes during her first pregnancy, Rachel from Vintage Folly has spent years trying to find out the real extent of her infertility.  Rachel finally discovered that she had a growth in her Fallopian tubes and in her post; Dudes Dig Scars… Right?, she talks of the emotional journey she made from worrying about the growth and what it might be, the subsequent operation she had to remove the growth and the glimmer of hope she now has as a result.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) by Dr. Campbell McBride is a book that has changed the life and mindset of Mummy Tries GAPS.  Having suffered with food intolerance all of her life, this book offered a diet plan that claims by following its strict, completely natural food diet, you can eliminate these problems over time.  Mummy Tries GAPS in three months into her GAPS diet and updates her progress and gives some advice to anyone following or starting the diet themselves in her post; Three Monthiversary on the GAPS Intro Diet.

If you have over indulged on the annual summer holiday and are thinking of taking up running to reclaim those fitness levels and lose those extra pounds, then Morgan from Shaking Away the Cobwebs has the perfect post for you.  In Tips on Starting Running, she talks about how she hated running a year ago but has discovered that she now loves nothing more than a bit of me time as she pounds the pavements and she has some excellent tips to help you get started if running is for you.

I have seen lots of bloggers talk about smoothies and juice diets over the last year or so and I have to admit that I have tried making a few of my own recently and I have discovered that they are a delicious way of boosting your five a day. Zoe from Lose Weight and Gain Health has been following a specific fasting program; Jason Vale’s 5  lbs in 5 days and I particularly liked the look of the juices on day 5.  Find out how she has been getting on in her post; Jason Vale’s 5 lbs in 5 days – Day 5 and I dare you not to like the look of the delicious juices she has made.

Finally, Helen from Actually Mummy wrote a thought provoking post a few weeks ago about her daughter’s struggle with asthma and how she was trying to help raise awareness of this disease and the need for younger sufferers to have spare inhalers in school.  This month, Helen has gone a step further and has signed up to run the Royal Parks half marathon to raise money for Asthma UK.  You can find out more and how to sponsor Helen in her post; Because of Asthma and if you are really keen, she is also looking for a running mate.

If you have written a health-related post that you would like to be included in next month’s round-up, please tweet me the link @stressymummy.

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