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Everyone loves ice cream on a hot sunny day but what if you’re trying to be healthy? The BritMums community have come to the rescue with this round-up of healthy ice cream recipes and reviews.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love ice cream but finding alternatives when you’re on a restricted diet (such as low sugar or dairy free) can be challenging. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight per se, cheap, commercial ice creams are so full of junk they’re basically empty calories. Sometimes I look at the ingredients on an ice cream pack and think, where’s the actual cream among the emulsifiers and additives?!

But frozen deserts can be a great way to sneak in nutrition such as fruit, healthy fats from coconut and nut butters, or calcium and protein from dairy products.

And they don’t even have to be high in refined sugar as fruit is naturally sweet, and there are lots of natural less refined sugars (which are still sugar, but marginally more nutritious), and low calorie sweeteners available that work in recipes.

In this round-up you’ll find recipes for ice cream, lollies, puddings, dairy free alternatives, recipes made with healthier yoghurt, reviews of branded healthier options, and even some more grown up flavours for evening get togethers’ once the kids are in bed!

Enjoy this healthy ice cream round-up and be sure to comment with your reviews if you try any of the recipes!

Ice Cream Recipes

If you’re a chocoholic ice cream lover like me but also don’t want to overload on sugar, my sugar free chocolate protein ice cream is perfect and can even be used for post workout recovery!

A classic but with no added nasties, this Strawberry ice cream is made from only 4 ingredients, and you don’t need an ice cream machine:

Cheesecake and ice cream in one hit? Yes please! Especially when it’s this healthy and simple to make:

strawberry cheesecake ice cream

Dairy ice cream without cream? I didn’t even realise it was a thing until now but using milk instead, you cut a tonne of calories and fat from the pudding:

Frozen Yoghurt Recipes

Never again will you hear a groan from the kids when you tell them it’s ‘fruit and yoghurt’ for pudding:

Only 3 ingredients and all really nutritious, you could eat these for breakfast! Dates are naturally sweet so you don’t need to add sugar:

Kefir tastes like natural yoghurt and is full if tummy friendly bacteria to help keep Summer tummy bugs at bay:

Make a smoothie, pour it onto moulds, what could be simpler? Grapes aren’t commonly found in smoothies but they’re a good addition for natural sweetness as foods taste less sweet once frozen:

Dairy Free Alternatives

The original and classic one ingredient banana ‘nice cream’. Vary it by adding peanut butter, cocoa, or other frozen fruits.

A creamier take on ‘nice cream’ with the addition of coconut cream and extra flavours:

You’d think that cartonned drinking coconut milk (as opposed to tinned for cooking) would be too thin for ice cream, but in lollies it works brilliantly, and is very low calorie too:

Talk about heaven in a tub! Even vegans and those who can’t eat dairy can get their Snickers fix with this divine looking pudding:

Vegan snickers ice cream

Allergies? This clever recipe contains none of the most common allergens. Most people with nut allergies can eat seeds to using tahini instead of nut butter is a clever way to get that chocolate-pb taste:


You can’t taste the avocado in these but it does make them incredibly creamy (and nutritious!)

If you thought apple crumble was for Winter, think again!

Fresh and Summery, close your eyes and you really will think you’re on a tropical beach……

Cherries have such a short UK season so make sure you try this one before they’re imported and triple the price!

Packed with real strawberries and so pretty in their heart shapes, but just as tasty in any other lolly mould!

Only three ingredients but check out that colour!

Puddings and other Snacks

A fun way to serve up fruit and yoghurt that tastes (and looks) more like a treat:

Yoghurt bark

This nutritious pudding wouldn’t be out of place at a grown up Summer dinner party!

Perfectly sized for little fingers:

Granita is like crunchy sorbet and is incredibly refreshing on hot days:

Ultimate comfort food, if you can’t get hold of tigernut flour then almond flour work work too:

A portion of this counts as one of your five a day!

For the Grown-ups

We’re pretending vodka is healthy here due to the large quantity of fresh produce also included….

Adjust the chilli to your tastes (or omit it completely for kids or if you’re a wimp like me)

Chilli chocolate lollies

Classic coconut and lime gets an upgrade with bright green (and vitamin packed) spirulina:

Matcha tea is an acquired taste but pair it with sweet bananas and you’ll get all the benefits without the bitterness:

Lollies for bigger people, though actually many kids would probably eat these too….


Real dairy ice cream without junk ingredients and lower calorie – if that’s what you’re looking for you can’t get better than Oppo:

Most people need to eat more protein, so what’s not to love about getting it from ice cream?!

Four healthier ice cream brands compared with both taste and nutrition labels for a fair evaluation, do you agree with the favourite?!

Jenni has a few ideas that are easy to make at home here too:

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