Health & Fitness Round-up: Getting your kids to exercise

health & fitness round-up

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In an increasingly screen dominated life it can be hard to make sure your kids are getting enough exercise – especially in the winter months. It’s not like when we were kids and would be out roaming the fields from dawn til dusk, only returning to scavenge a sandwich or two. What, was that just me? Anyway – kid’s fitness! It’s so, so important and helping them stay fit has an additional bonus of getting you up and about too. 

With that in mind, here are some brilliant ideas from the blogging community on keeping your kids on their toes – literally!

If you just want to start by cutting down on screen time then Ever After With The Kids has got some really useful tips – including watching a recording with a set time rather than the never ending loop that is Netflix! 

Odd Hogg has five easy starter ideas for getting your littles more active. I think my favourite is introducing them to a great outdoors hobby at an early age! 

If you’re based in the North East, why not try one of these lovely coastal walks recommended by My Boys Club? Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad preparation! Walks can be done whatever the weather. 

It’s so much fun when your kids start to show an interest in sports (have you ever been to a football match with three and four year olds? It’s like trying to herd cats) Captain Bobcat (appropriate name) has some tips on how to gently encourage their interest into a hopefully life long healthy hobby!

I’m especially keen on idea three of this list of ways to get the whole family active – rather than giving your kid a tablet while you get on with the housework, get them to help out! Easier said than done maybe, but it’s worth a try! Thanks for that one Devon Mama.

Craft Invaders has got some properly brilliant back to nature woodsy ideas which I’m totally on board with. I love a treasure hunt! Have you seen the treasure trails website? We did a brilliant one in Caernarfon – a great way to get out exploring!

One of my favourite bloggers Just Eilidh (previously Mummy & Monkeys) also has a great to do list, ending with suggesting Park Run, which is a weekly 5k family run. With over 450 parks across the country taking part, what’s your excuse?

I’ve really enjoyed this month’s round-up, and if anyone ever has any good health and fitness posts up their sleeves (or, you know, on their blog) then please come find me at Mumzilla and let me know about them!

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