Education Round-up: School places & connecting

Welcome to another month of the education round-up. I don’t know about you, but April ran away from me entirely. Between waiting for primary school places and the two week holiday, it was a little bit of a choppy month. While I was happy to see so many people got their first choice schools, I know that not everyone did. If you are in the appeals process or heading to a school that wasn’t your first choice, I hope it goes as smoothly as possible on all fronts.

On to the posts for this month! 


In March Vicki, from Mumma and Her Monsters was coding with her daughter. She was contacted by a company and asked to take part in a STEM coding challenge for girls. Take a look at the post, and maybe you’ve got a daughter who would love to get stuck into some STEM too.

On the topic of STEM, Natalie Ray from Plutonium Socks explores a very cool science toy with her daughters. Natalie Ray’s daughters have a myriad of interests, but you can read the blog post as to why the Science club at school is so important.

Thoughtful Approaches

Once the kids are home do you ever get stuck asking the same questions ‘How was your day?’ ‘What did you learn?’ and not get much of a response? Sophie, from Old House in the Cheshires, wrote a post with 12 feel good questions to ask your little ones after a day at school.

Sarah from MumofThree World penned a fascinating post about school attendance and talked about the age in which maybe we should trust our children a little more. I love the post for a few reasons but particularly the point that sometimes it’s extracurricular school activities that make them need a break.

From Home

Jenny, from Monkey and Mouse, shares her home education diaries for March, detailing everything from Art& Design to Engineering. I always enjoy reading about what home educating families get up to, even more so when it is packed post like this one. Jenny’s post might give new home edders some ideas too!


That’s it for this month, if you have a post you’d love to see featured then please email [email protected] with the subject line ‘Education round-up’ or feel free to tweet me @mojoblogs

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