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Review: Faith in Nature shampoo & conditioner

Review: Faith in Nature shampoo & conditioner

We love beauty products that are as much about what isn’t in them as what is. That’s why we wanted to review Faith in Nature shampoos. Faith in Nature products are all about being natural, vegan, cruelty-free and ethical. (Check out our review of Faith in Nature skincare and body products.)

Faith in Nature shampoo ingredients

The company’s shampoos, conditioners, body washes, body bars and other products use organic ingredients whenever possible. They also annotate the ingredients on the labels that translates them into regular parlance–and highlights the natural elements. In the Jojoba shampoo I tried, the first ingredient is listed as “Aqua (Water)***” with a footnote: “Water from the Lake District”. Almost like swimming in Lake Windermere!

I love that the fragrances are 100% natural. The jojoba shampoo smells divine.

BritMums cofounder Jennifer Howze

The Jojoba Shampoo also includes sea salt, jojoba seed oil, orange peel oil, flower oil, and tea tree oil among other ingredients common to shampoos like ammonium laureth sulfate. Most of the ingredients are plant-derived and some are wild harvested and sustainable. Other products feature luscious ingredients like dragon fruit, lavender, aloe vera, grapefruit and rosemary.

I also love that the fragrances are 100% natural. The jojoba shampoo smells divine, without the artificial or sickly sweet aroma of a lot of hair products.

Faith in Nature jojoba shampoo bottle for review on BritMums

No Parabens

They have been called ‘beauty’s bad guys’. Here’s why you should avoid parabens. These Faith in Nature products are also free from sodium lauryl sulfates — the detergent that causes super-sudsy lather and can strip hair. If you’ve got coloured hair, it can also prematurely cause the colour to fade.

Do Faith in Nature shampoos and conditioners work?

Of course the most important question is whether a shampoo or conditioner will leave your hair in great shape — clean, shiny and healthy. I used both the Jojoba Shampoo and the Jojoba Conditioner which are for smoothing with normal/dry hair. My hair is naturally curly, very thick, somewhat coarse and has a tendency to be dry. So I was very excited to try products that are more natural and could leave my hair in a better state.

Faith in Nature shampoo review

From the moment I poured a dollop of the shampoo into my hand, I loved the aroma. The Faith in Nature scents smell natural and luxurious, like the treatment room in an upscale spa. My bathroom felt transformed to a much more pampering space.

The shampoo does not lather up quite as much, but that doesn’t affect how well it cleans. After a few shampoos, I was used to the difference and really liked it as part of my twice weekly shampoo routine.

Reviewing the Faith in Nature Jojoba Conditioner

While the shampoo worked well with my hair type, I found that after using this particular conditioner, my hair felt more wiry and less supple. I chose these particular products ones to address a flaky scalp and because, frankly, I loved the aroma. To help with my dry curls and colour-treated hair (shhhh, don’t tell), my next port of call would be the combine the Jojoba Shampoo with the Coconut Conditioner, which has great natural moisturising effects. Or I could try the Rose & Neroli Nourish and Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, a combination which the company recommends for colour-treated hair.

Faith in Nature 5 litre refill jug featured on BritMums shampoo review
5-litre refill jugs cut down on plastic

Should you buy Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner?

Perhaps the strongest reason to use Faith in Nature products is their natural bona fides. Parabens are not only detrimental to individuals, they can adversely affect the environment. Vegan products avoid animal-derived ingredients, which in hair products can mean milk, honey, beeswax or keratin. We also really love that you can buy Faith in Nature 5L refill containers — a great way to cut down on plastic use in addition to everything else. The Independent newspaper also ranked Faith in Nature among the best vegan shampoos and conditioners.

Finally, you don’t have to go to specialty stores to get the products (although many fine salons do carry them). They are available at Boots, Waitrose, Whole Foods, direct from the Faith in Nature website and via other online retailers.

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