Food Round-up: January 2017 is Veganuary

Hello and welcome to the first food round-up of the new year!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year and are ready for another year full of foodie delights. I don’t know about you, but Christmas always seems to be full of sweet treats, drinks and over indulgence. Each year you can guarantee that when January arrives I am craving healthier, cleaner foods. What better way to kick the year off than with Veganuary.

I, myself, am not a vegan and am not following Veganuary but I do try to incorporate both vegetarian and vegan meals into my weekly meal plan. Many people follow Veganuary as a challenge, others see it as a way to kick-start the year. Many people think that vegan meals are a little bland and boring but when you look at the dishes in the picture below I think that you will agree with me that they are anything but. They are full of vibrant colours and mouth-watering flavours.

In this months round-up I am going to share with you some amazingly delicious vegan meals from some of the best UK food bloggers.

January 17 food roundup

Juices are a great way to consume more goodness and start the day. The Super Green Morning Smoothie from Bark Time contains seven carefully selected ingredients that each bring benefits to the table. High in vitamins, minerals, fibre and rehydrating all in one glass, the perfect way to get going in the morning!

The next recipe brings not only autumnal flavours but also a vibrant flash of colour to the table. One pot meals are not only easy to make but are so full of flavour and convenient for busy families. This One Pot Wild Mushroom, Squash and Spinach Pilaf from Easy Peasy Foodie contains some of my favourite vegetables. Squash is such a versatile ingredient and paired with the nutty wild mushrooms, the spinach and the spices this meal will keep the whole family coming back for more!

One of my most loved winter vegetables has to be kale. Once we have has a frost, kale is at its best. This is such an easy vegetable to grow and I am lucky to be able to go down to our vegetable patch to snip it fresh from the plant. My Winter Kale Salad on Hijacked By Twins it proof that salads are not just for summer time. Kale make a tasty and nutritious alternative to lettuce and keeps you fuller for longer!

If you thought that meringues were not vegan, think again. Le Coin de Mel shows us how to make meringues the vegan way without egg whites! Aquafaba is a fantastic egg replacement product that will enable you to make lovely meringues that will be perfect for this Pavlova recipe!

I adore all the vibrant colours that you can add to a dish with vegetables and the following recipe from Quite Frankly She Said certainly ticks the colourful box. Her Rainbow Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes are not only full of colour but they are also full of delicious flavours and jam-packed with goodness!

Soups are a favourite of mine, especially at this time of year. While looking through food blogs I found this nutritious soup from Sneaky Veg. This Borlotti Bean, Spinach and Vegetable Soup is a hearty, chunky soup that you can really make into a main meal. This soup is brimming with goodness from both the vegetables and the beans!

One of my favourite meals of the day has to be breakfast. While I was looking for ideas for breakfasts I read how Ella Woodward from Deliciously Ella used avocado in smoothies to give them more of a yogurt consistency. After various attempts my Green Goodness Breakfast Bowl was born and it had to be shared on Hijacked By Twins. The avocado transforms the smoothie into a real breakfast treat!

Beans are a great source of protein and when following a vegan diet it is essential that you are getting everything that your body needs. This Three Bean and Vegetable Chilli from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen will not only give you a kick of protein but the spices used will really give you a kick of flavour!

After seeing these recipes I am sure that you will agree that vegan meals can be exciting, colourful and packed with flavour. Even if you are not following Veganuary why not make at least one meal a week a vegan one?

For my next Baking Round-up I will be featuring vegan bakes! If you have any vegan bakes that you would like to share go over to my BritMums Food and Baking Editor page on Hijacked By Twins and add it to the linky.


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    Fab recipes, Kirsty – thanks for including mine 🙂

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    Great recipes sweetie, thanks a lot for including my mini pavlova recipe. x