Bumps & Babies Round-up: Siblings adjusting to a new baby

Since my last round-up, M has been adjusting to being a big sister with mixed success! I think she’s understandably finding it tricky that there’s suddenly this other person demanding our attention, when previously she had it all to herself. I’ve written all about my first six weeks parenting two under two, if you fancy a read. 

As we’ve been having a, shall we say, interesting time of it, I thought I’d ask my fellow bloggers if they had any posts about older siblings adjusting to a newborn entering into the family. 

If I’m honest, I’m not sure we prepared M particularly well for the arrival of her baby sister. Yes, we talked about the fact that there was a baby in mummy’s tummy, I’m not sure how much she really understood at only 22 months. Donna has written a lovely post including ten ways to prepare your toddler for a new baby, while Lisa has definitely put a lot more thought than I did into the changes that her son would experience upon becoming an older sibling

Unfortunately, our hospital didn’t allow children into the scan room, so we weren’t able to include M in that way. However, like Amy, we did involve her in the naming of her sister. Amy also involved her daughter in lots of other choices for her baby sister, which I thought was a lovely idea. Leanne even included her daughter in her younger sibling’s gender reveal to help prepare her for being a big sister.

We did read some lovely books about becoming a big sister with M before her little sister came along, but I wish I’d read Louise’s list of 20 sibling books to prepare for a new baby sooner! 

As I’ve said, M has found it difficult at times having a younger sibling around. Emma has recently written about the growing bond between her two boys, while Becci has written a lovely letter to her youngest child all about his arrival and how his older siblings adjusted to having him in their lives. Emma’s post has given me some great tips on how to help an older sibling adjust, once the new baby has arrived.

More than anything, it’s been lovely to read these posts and know that I’m not alone in thinking that this new world we find ourselves in can be a bit of a minefield, and I’m not the only one worrying about it! Fortunately M does have some very loving moments with her sister, so I’m sure they’ll be the closest of friends, as well as siblings, eventually! 

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