Finance Round-up: End of tax year tidy up

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The end of the tax is nearly upon us. Traditionally the start of April is also the month in which many things go up but quite often our wages stay static! Therefore it’s time to have a good, hard look at our finances and give them a spring clean. This month our bloggers are helping you save money, invest for the future and get our finances arranged for when we have gone.

If you are wanting to get your finances in order then using an app could be the answer. Sara from Debt Camel has been looking at various apps to help you budget and save your money.

Another way to sort out your finances is to have a meeting with a financial adviser. To get the best of your time you need to know what questions to ask and Catherine at The Money Panel gives some pointers.

Before we know it the next round of school holidays will be upon us. It can be a costly business trying to keep the kids entertained for two weeks. Clare at My Money Cottage has been planning ahead to save money on family days out.

For longer term saving for you children Emma’s Savvy Savings has been counting the cost connected to university fees. While there are loans available many parents are still expected to make a contribution towards their children’s living costs. In that respect it’s never too early to start building up an university fund.

Hands up who still has a Child Trust Fund and not sure what to do with it? Lynn aka Mrs Mummypenny has been reviewing her sons’ accounts and looking at converting them to Junior ISAs. 

Our finance bloggers are always looking at their household budgets and seeing how they can save more money. Many people are joining the growing trend of cancelling their TV Licence but is it legal to watch TV without one? KatyKicker has been looking at what you can and can’t watch if you don’t have a TV Licence. Over at Be Clever With Your Cash, Andy has been totting up if the Licence Fee is worth the money and what the alternatives are.

One of our biggest household costs is the weekly grocery bill. We all have to eat but there are ways to cut the cost including wasting as little food as possible. Jane at Shoestring Cottage has been going through her cupboards, fridge and freezer and giving us ideas on how to use up food from bread to meat plus fruit and vegetables.

Many of us may feel that we work to pay the bills at the beginning of the month and never seem to move on from that. Jennifer from Mamafurfur lives on the basis of 80/20 where the 20% is used towards a passive income through investments. She explains how you can use this method as well. 

We’ve recently had this year’s International Women’s Day and one of the key themes is the empowerment of females. Eileen at Your Money Sorted is a financial coach who wants women to start talking about their finances. She explains the benefits of being open and gaining control of your money.

If you are after a bargain then let Emma Drew guide you round Poundland this month. From Easter eggs to hair care to branded makeup there’s something for everyone.

The weather recently has been brutal with most of the UK affected by snow. While it is tempting to flick the heating switch on and turn up the thermostat we all know how expensive that can be. Faith from Much More With Less has been sharing her tips on cheap ways to cut the cost of keeping warm.

I’ll leave you with one last thought this month – have you made a will and is it up to date? March is Free Wills Month and Emma at The Money Whisperer tells us why we all need to make one.

If you would like to feature in a future Finance Round-up you can contact me via my Facebook page or on Twitter.

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