Bumps & Babies Round-up: Positive C-section stories

Since my last round-up I’ve had a scan at 32 weeks and my baby was breech. The decision was made to book me in for an elective caesarean ‘just in case’ the baby doesn’t turn. I had a C-section with my first baby (I seem to make breech babies!) and I’ve written a post all about my C-section fears second time around, which you can read here, if you’d like. I’m determined to have a positive attitude, though, so I’ve been busy finding as many positive C-section posts as I can! I thought I’d share some in this month’s round-up.

Much like me, Zoe was fearful of how the surgery would go and how she would recover afterwards. I think having a toddler as well makes these worries feel so much more real than the first time around! Thankfully all went well for Zoe and I felt so much better after reading Isla’s lovely birth story

I think sometimes having a medical reason for an elective C-section is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you know it is absolutely the best thing to do for your baby, but on the other, it can feel a bit like your opportunity for a natural birth has been snatched away from you. I love Emma’s pragmatic approach to her C-section birth of Freddie; reading her post has made me feel a million times better about things!

Conversely, Abi and Elaine opted to have elective C-sections over a VBAC. Reading Abi’s son Henry’s birth story and Elaine’s daughter Erin’s birth story, has helped me to realise that for some, a VBAC isn’t the best thing and I need to be a bit more philosophical about it all! 

I think I found my first C-section birth difficult because I didn’t get to hold M for the first hour after she was born. Reading Jade and Pamela’s accounts of their super-calm and lovely C-sections has helped me to realise that it doesn’t need to be like this, and as this baby is measuring bigger than first daughter did at this stage, hopefully I can get some skin to skin much sooner, and the whole thing can be a lot calmer! 

Once I’d read all of these gorgeous posts, I went on the hunt for something related to the practicalities of recovery, and found this useful post by Kate. There’s some great advice in this post from a whole range of bloggers, so if my C-section does go ahead, I’ll be calling on it again!

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