How to feed kids’ playful nature #ad

Offering children a nutritious variety of snacks is not just vital for keeping them healthy, and eating the right foods helps spark their creativity and imagination too. That’s why this month BritMums has been working with Munch Bunch Organic fromage frais in a paid relationship that’s all about feeding kids’ playful nature. 

Munch Bunch Organic is an accessible organic fromage frais brand with a strong commitment to nutrition and helping kids grow up strong and healthy. It promotes creativity and independent spirit, curiosity and exploration, which are necessary to the development of a child and his/her personality!

Some of our top bloggers were sent a selection of Munch Bunch Organic pots and pouches to try, and they were invited to showcase their children’s creativity by making up their own jokes. We can’t stop laughing at some of their suggestions below! Children really can be little comedians.

minitravellers eating Munch Bunch fromage frais

Minitravellers daughters enjoy it on the road

Minitravellers‘ three daughters had a brilliant day out of cycling, trampolining, snacking on Munch Bunch Organic pouches and above all laughing at their own jokes. Our fave was this one: 

“What do you call a sheep on a trampoline?

A woolly jumper!”



Sticking with the farm animal theme Whinge Whinge Wine’s little one came up with this clever pun:

“What do you call a sleeping cow?

A bull dozer!”

All Baby Advice took her daughters on a road trip to Brighton. The girls came up with this hilarious joke and snacked on Munch Bunch Pouches in the car.

“What’s red and goes up and down?
A strawberry in an elevator!”

All Baby Advice kids with Munch Bunch

All Baby Advice’s girls have a laugh with their Munch Bunch


Helpful Mum’s son thought up this breakfast related joke for golf fans:

“What do you call a granola bar with its own golf course?
A granola par”

Mummy..Mummy..MUM!!’s daughters got a little bit fruity with this funny suggestion: 


mummy mummy mum joke for munch bunch


And Muminthemadhouse’s son Mini shared his favourite joke after tucking in to a tasty Munch Bunch pouch.

“Why did the monster’s school close?
Because it only had one pupil.”

The children enjoyed their samples of Munch Bunch fromage frais and the pouches were a big hit for families when out and about. It’s a great go-to nutritious snack to keep on hand for days out while also feeding their playful natures!

Munch Bunch Organic promotes creativity, curiosity and exploration – an essential part of a child’s development alongside healthy physical growth.


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