February Health Round-up: Sugar swaps, weight loss & choking.

health round upThere is still a chill in the air but spring is definitely on the way and it is inspiring to read so many posts about bloggers who are pushing themselves for healthier and happier lives.  Kate over at Kate Takes Five has been taking part in an interesting challenge with Change 4 Life. They asked her to look at how much sugar she and her family were having on a daily basis and then challenged her to make ‘sugar swaps’ by substituting many of the foods that contained a lot of sugar with healthier alternatives to show how parents can tackle the amount of sugar that is in their daily diet. Find out how she got on in this post.

As a parent of a particularly fussy eater at the moment, I am constantly reading posts about fussy eaters, in the hope of finding some advice that might help me. This post from Hello Healthy You, is a sensible guide to dealing with the problem of fussy eating and offers a four point checklist to help. 

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with a milk allergy, you might be feeling a little confused about the alternatives. These days however, there are lots of alternative products that you can use and this post; Milk Alternatives for your Toddler and preschooler, from The Recipe Resource is a helpful guide to the different alternatives and how you can use them. 

I am in complete awe of Mirka at Fitness 4 Mamas who not only being a keen runner, she is now swimming as part of Swimathon 2015 and she is challenging herself with regular training in preparation for a 2.5km swim. Find out how she is getting on in her post; Swimathon Training: Bring on the Challenge.

Diets are still going strong in the world of blogs this month and it is amazing to see so many bloggers successfully losing weight and sharing their stories. Over at Grenglish, after trying many different diets over the years with little success, she is celebrating that with Slimming World she has found not only a diet that works but she is also surprised to find how good it is to have the support and motivation of being in a slimming group. 

Muffin Top Monday is a weekly linky run by Kate at Kate On Thin Ice to offer tips, inspiration and motivation for anyone who is trying to lose weight whether they are blogging about it or not. In her post; Top tips for weight loss, as someone who has successfully lost an impressive amount of weight herself, she shares her top tips which are both sensible and practical.

Another blogger offering weight loss tips based on her own experience is Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely and having lost an amazing two stone, she has some wise words to share on the subject. 

More successful dieting over at  we3threeblog who has discovered the 5:2 diet and is getting on really well with it. Find out more in her post; I Heart 5:2

Eczema and how to best use emollient creams from The Chatty Doctor is an interesting read for anyone who suffers or has a child who suffers from eczema. Eczema makes the skin less able to retain moisture and emollient creams are the best way to help repair the damage and in this post you can fins out more about emollients and how to use them.

Particularly at this time of year, parents are often reaching into the medicine cabinet for our children’s coughs, colds and other bugs. This handy guide to essential kid’s medicines from kidoseapp is a great reference point when we want to restock and ensure that we are ready for any eventuality.

Finally there is a very important message over at In The Playroom. Babies and children choking is every parent’s worst nightmare and in this post; How to stop a baby from choking, there are simple steps that you can follow and a video. In conjunction with St. John’s ambulance, this is a vital message that needs to be read and shared as it could save a baby’s life.

Another varied selection of posts this month and some useful tips and great success stories too.  If you have a health-related post that you would like me consider for next month’s round-up, please tweet me the link @stressymummy.  

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