Single Parent Round-up: 50 shades of single valentines

single parent round-upHello, me again. I’m here to share some fabulous blog posts by single parents. I love finding new single parent bloggers to follow, and featuring some of their best posts here for others to see.

First up is this post by Martyn at Inside Martyn’s Mind. Those three words all parents dread hearing, but I think all kids end up saying at one point. I certainly remember saying them to both of my parents at one time or another. None of that makes it any easier to hear though.

Amy at Cocktails in Teacups published a brilliant post this month about what it’s like to date a “Christian Grey” and why she won’t be watching the Fifty Shades movie.

Becky at Lakes Single Mum is doing something I can really appreciate for Lent. Rather than give up chocolate or something, she’s thinking of the true meaning of Lent and I love the idea of a generosity jar.

Talking of giving up chocolate, Claire at Single Parent Pessimist is doing just that for the entire month of March. Is she mad? Well, yes. Obviously. But it’s for the British Heart Foundation, a great cause and something close to her heart (see what I did there) so do go and take a look. 

And finally, Aly at Messed Up Mum has written a great post about the best part of being single. The perfect antidote to all this Valentine’s nonsense that’s been around this month and something to which I can definitely relate!


That’s it for this month… if you’d like to be featured in next month’s Single Parent Round-up please send me your posts by Wednesday 18th March. Have a great month!

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About Vicky Charles

Vicky is a 35 year old single mother with a cheeky 4 year old. She lives in Wiltshire and works as a freelance writer and trainer in blogging and social media. She has been a single mother since her daughter was 2 weeks old, and started blogging to try and give voice to her feelings of “lost-at-sea-ness” that all mothers get, but that single mothers often don’t have any company in. In her spare time, she usually develops addictions to dvd box sets and sometimes cleans the living room… but not often.