Essential reading for good SEO #BML17

A little studying goes a long way. And while we might be out of practice as social influencers, while we tend to our blogs and social media feeds, it pays to keep abreast of the latest news. Especially when it applies to important topics like SEO. 

At #BML17 we are devoting not just a Deep Dive Session to SEO but a Double Deep Dive Session, led by Judith Lewis, a woman who has a passion for the topic and wants to help you use it efficiently and effectively. The session is a full day’s course condensed into an essential morning with stuff you need to know as an influencer. 

To get the most out of it, there’s some advance reading. So as you prepare for the day, tap these up on your laptop or phone and bone up. 

Even if you aren’t attending the conference, these are essential reading URLs to air your understanding of SEO and why we need to do it the way we’re supposed to do it. 

Peruse the Reading

In order to get as much as possible out of this half day course created exclusively for Britmums, it is recommended that you read the following articles just to understand a bit more about SEO, how it works and to give you a rounding to take best advantage of this course:


Got other links or sources for great SEO knowledge? We’d love to hear about them! Post them in the comments below!

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