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I think Easter must be one of the most wasteful times of the year. Just think of all those Easter eggs in unnecessarily large packaging as they vie for your attention on the shop shelves. Do you remember “in your youth” when the sweets were inside the chocolate egg so small boxes were used to protect the egg and make them stackable. When did the packaging change? Fortunately, Rosie at A Green and Rosie Life has a number of tips on having a green Easter.

Reducing waste

Gypsy Soul writes about 5 simple ways to reduce your waste and you can find tips on finding budget cloth nappies on The Mum Diaries. While I know sustainability covers more than just waste I’m including My Make Do and Mend Life’s post Ten easy ways to eat sustainably here, because following Jen’s tips will have an impact on the waste in your bin and along the supply chain.


Plutonium Sox has reviewed the Jack and Jill eco friendly toothcare products and Incredibusy has reviewed Olli vegan and natural rubber flip flops 


Red Ted Art is starting a series of different projects using Tshirt yarn and the first one is Easy T-Shirt Yarn Bunny and Vicky Myers Creations explains how to upcycle rusty loaf tins into DIY recycle planters

Green careers

I worked as an environmental consultant for 14 years, helping businesses reduce the waste they produced and the water they used. I’ve recently made a career change, but if I decide to return I’ll definitely revisit Gina’s post on Green Economy Careers 

There are a huge variety of topics covered this month and I hope you’ve been inspired. If so please comment below or on the relevant post to encourage blogger to keep sharing their environmental ideas.  I hope you all have a great Easter. I’ve given up chocolate for Lent so I’m looking forward to eating some Easter eggs.

Don’t forget to let me know what topics you want to know more about or to send me links to your posts for the next round-up via my blog or tweet me @katedavis

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Kate’s first environmental action was picking cans out of the bins at school for recycling, leading to a green Blue Peter badge, and developing in to a career as an environmental consultant. At home she spends her time trying to convince her two children to turn off lights and tap and her husband to consider eco features as they turn an old care home into their family home. Kate is originally from Yorkshire, but now lives in Oxfordshire. She blogs at darktea www.darktea.co.uk/blog and is on Twitter @katedavis.


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