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Potty training is as much a right of passage for parents as it is our squidgy bare butted offspring.

It’s one of those true “I don’t know how the hell to do this” parenting moments that has us reaching for google faster than Chicken Pox spots.

So if you are in the midst of this journey, or you’ve been there and got the T-shirt, settle in for some giggles.  If you haven’t yet started the journey, consider this best practice in what not to do.


Me & B Make TeaPoo Patrol

If like me, you have a child obsessed with those pups and their antics in Adventure Bay you will love the re-write of the theme tune.

Poo Patrol, Poo Patrol

Whenever I’m in trouble

Poo Patrol, Poo Patrol

Mum’s there on the double


Whinge Whinge WineMy Top Toddler Toilet Training Tales

Read this post by Fran to realise you are not alone when it comes to those potty training moments where you don’t quite know whether to laugh or cry.

Today, she was ensconced on the empty potty in the garden when her brother awoke from his nap. When I returned carrying a fairly grumpy child, she was running around the garden. Meanwhile the dog was in the corner looking mildly suspicious. I don’t even want to discuss what was going on.


And Another Ten ThingsOh The Places You’ll Poo

You will be nodding and laughing along to Suzanne’s re-write of the Dr Seuss classic.

Oh, the places you’ll poo! There is shit to be done!
There are toilets to be flushed. There are stickers to be won.
And the magical things you can do on that loo
will make you the pooing-est pooer, that’s true.
Fame! You’ll be famous as famous can be,
with the whole family watching via Skype on TV.


Thimble & TwigTop Tips for Potty Training From a Three Year Old

This post from the toddler’s perspective really made me laugh.  Although I suspect from our failed attempt at potty training my youngest, he has already read this post.

2. Decide you can only use the toilet in optimum conditions – ie: when the light is on, when the radiators are on, when there isn’t any ‘blue cleaner’ in, when mummy is feeding the baby or trying to get the baby to sleep.


TwinderelmoPotty Training – The Truth

I always thought double the number of bums to change would be hard work when it came to twins.  But potty training? I bet they tag team pee on the floor too.

Once they figure out they can use toilet roll prepare to become bankrupt. Toilet roll previously was a GREAT thing to play with but they were told “only  when you go on the big toilet” and now they are? Free for feckin all! Even the bleeding Andrex puppy would be disgusted at the amount of bog roll we are getting through with phantom wees that are definitely not just to get their hands on glorious toilet paper…


Motherhood: The Real Deal10 WTF Moments in The Nightmare of Potty Training

Talya’s post proves you really do learn on the go with this job, and collect some rather unique skills along the way.

8. A poo flicking technique is required – Clearly nobody wants to spend an age cleaning shit of a potty, so you will need to hone a potty flicking technique to get that steaming pile of turd into the toilet and out of your sight in one fell swoop. Mess it up and you’ll pay the price, believe.


Life, Love and Dirty DishesHow Many Hands Does it Take to Change a Nappy?

And finally just in case these posts have put you off starting the potty training journey and you have decided to keep your child in nappies forever, here is my very important, totally scientific, and not at all made up study* into how many hands it actually takes to change a nappy.

*Not really important, not at all scientific, and totally made up.

Hand 5 To separate the wipes that are all stuck together and coming out as one continuous wipe.  Thus preventing the use of a whole pack of wipes being used on one nappy change.


Join me next month for some more giggles.  In the meantime, if you have a funny post, why not link it up to the #FridayFrolics linky.

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