Diplomacy is more important than the NHS crisis

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Emotional intelligence is a really valuable asset – nobody likes a lack of tact, obviously. But lately there’s been what I’m coining ‘inverted prejudice’. I’m referring to circumstances whereby victims of perceived prejudice rally to such an extent that it’s turned on its head towards the initial perpetrator. And as an extention of that situation, we see political correctness coming at the expense of honesty.

This is going on all around us, but often we either don’t notice, or we daren’t call it out for fear of being labelled prejudiced ourselves. The irony is not lost on me.

How is this related to current affairs? Because the matters relate to the NHS crisis



There’s a lot of anti-fat-shaming hype across social media at the moment. Naturally I agree that nobody should be shamed on the basis of their appearance – or in fact for any reason. But when this hype tips over into ‘bigger is better’ propaganda, that’s a problem.

Obesity is a crisis for the NHS, and that is an important discussion we should be having.

Yet due to its sensitive nature this is not happening enough. But what concerns me more than the lack of open debate about the topic is the fact that so many appear to want to normalise obesity. This is not okay because this is not healthy.

This is also categorically not me being anti-fat; it’s merely me being pro-health, and pro a common sense approach to a difficult issue. And for what it’s worth, I’ve been grossly overweight myself in the past.

But, if we succeed in normalising obesity, we’re finished.

Incidentally, while I may no longer be fat, my current diet is appalling: thanks to a standard five hours broken sleep per night (thanks girls), I subsist on caffeine and sugar to see me through incredible sleep deprivation. In the context of unhealthy lifestyles, that’s equally problematic and something I need to work on. Despite making me a hypocrite, it’s not something I see changing in the immediate future. Like all parents of small children, I do what I must to survive and I’ll look to better myself in due course.



Similarly, many (most?) people who don’t breastfeed appear to demonise anyone who tries to discuss the dismal UK rates. Yet this is another massive issue which also warrants attention. We’ve recently celebrated National Breastfeeding Celebration Week and ordinarily I’d mark the occasion by promoting the subject.

But this time I didn’t write about it (apart from a review of some beautiful keepsake jewellery) – because it’s an unwelcome conversation. I’m tired of banging my head against a brick wall and inviting criticism.

However, that’s not actually a responsible attitude and I’m disappointed in myself for not finding a new angle to keep the conversation going on my blog. So I’m doing it here instead.

The sad fact is that in this instance, we’re not talking about the harmful possibility of normalising something that’s not what nature intended – big pharma succeeded in doing precisely that long ago. At this point we’re talking about clawing back the ideal of having what nature did intend being viewed as the norm.

We’ve a very, very long way to go because this concept is offensive. But being pro breastfeeding is not a personal attack on those who don’t breastfeed; it just means I advocate breastfeeding.

I’m know for being controversial and I wouldn’t want to disappoint, so I’ll leave you with this:

Though I’m bringing my girls up to be kind and considerate, I plan not to enforce diplomacy in them; not if it’s at the expense of honesty. Because actions speak louder than words, and right now diplomacy is more important than the NHS crisis. I don’t support that nonsense, and neither will my girls.
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