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June was a scorcher with temperatures into the 30’s some days. Island girl that I am, I can’t stand the heat. You’re likely to find me in the shade with a sunhat and flops. Interestingly, the guys showed their appreciation (or not) for the heatwave by going about topless. Now, this is a practice I never understood. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced that phenomenon until I settled in England. Clearly I’m not the only one amazed by this because  Expat Mum, Toni, dedicated an entire post to British Men Whipping their tops off.  Talking about the heat, best if all, Summer’s it’s countdown to school summer holiday. This month’s round-up will give you family holiday and day trip inspiration across the continents.

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Cath recently visited Portland, Oregon with her family. If you are Grimm fan ( the American fantasy TV Drama series), then you may have heard of it. Cath shares 5 Awesome Things to Do in Portland with Kids , inclusive of rainy day options such as the Portland Children’s Museum



Elfa says mini breaks with extended family can be quite relaxed. I have to agree with her because everyone is so busy chatting and catching up. Judging from her snaps, Elfa’s break in Normandy was sheer bliss. From chateau life to partying with a Darth Vadar piñata, they had it all covered, but don’t take my word for it read all about A long weekend in Normandy



One of my favourite parts of London is King’s Cross. There’s so much to do and it’s different weekend to weekend. It’s hard to believe in the middle of the bustle, there’s an oasis. I walked along the river recently and discovered Around the bend St Pancras Waterpoint. The Waterpoint’s history dates back to late 19th Century. If you are a history, architecture or nature buff, you should visit. It’s interesting to see how industry and nature can coincide.

Although I didn’t visit the Waterpoint with my kids, I think it’s an good attraction for all in the family.



Been to one zoo seen them all, right? No. Pamela visited The Beijing Zoo with her kids for a dayout. She shares that apart from the obvious attractions, there are river rides and a playground. No chance of being bored.  



I hope you enjoyed this month’s round-up.  What’s happening in your neck of the woods? Have you discovered a new place that you want to rave about? Tell us.

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  1. 16 July 2018 / 15:40

    Thanks for including my post about topless British men. Having moved back to England last year, after 27 years away, I am seeing my own country through a completely different lens. I’m supposed to have repatriated (making me Repat Mum?) but most of the time I still feel like an expat!