Breville Halo Health Fryer: review

Breville Halo + Health FryerBritMums recently get together a list of bloggers for Breville as they were looking for people to review their products, one of which was the Halo+ Health Fryer. I got to try out this mean machine which is so much more than a chip fryer.

First of all why the ‘Health’ title? Surely fryers, chips and everything soaked in fat isn’t good for us? Breville have come up with an ingenious solution of tilting the Halo + during cooking this means the food inside is tossed in the oil as it passes the bottom of the pan. So instead of the chips sitting in half a pan full of fat during the cooking and soaking it up, they are lightly tossed throughout the cooking process.

Breville also recognised the fact that a gadget on the kitchen surface needs to do more than just fry chips and in fact I have grilled salmon, roasted potatoes, prepared meatballs in a tomato sauce for pasta and of course made my very own homemade chips which were scrumptious. You can also cook frozen chips in the Halo + too.

In fact a very adaptable kitchen gadget.

I found the instructions very simple to use although I would say watch the cooking times as the rocket crumble topping on the salmon caught and was tinged. You can also see in the video that the roast potatoes were also ready before the time mentioned in the booklet.

Breville halo + Health fryer

The Halo + health Fryer is quite big and will take up about the same amount of space on your kitchen worktop as a breadmaker which is worth considering or make sure you have room for it in a cupboard.

A quick check online has found prices ranging from £90 upwards which is a significant amount of money but I think with a little time and practise this kitchen appliance could become very popular in my house. The range of cooking methods also makes it a versatile gadget to work with.

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