Dad Blogger Round-up: Rounding up 2017

Another year is now almost marked off, how has 2017 treated you? In this months round-up I’ve selected a couple of yearly round-up kind of posts. I’ve been talking a fair bit about 2017 successes and targets for new year over on my blog DadvWorld. Now the monthly BritMums Dad Round-up has come around I thought it was the perfect time to have a scout around and see what the other dads have achieved and/or looking to achieve in 2018. 

Oh, there’s obviously some Christmas themed stuff here too, after all we’re now well into the most magical time of year!

Carl from Dadtastic Voyage has written My First Six Months Of Being A Dad Blogger and it’s been a great start for him. I love hearing about all of the different ways people find blogging. For Carl, he had the opportunity to take 17 weeks shared parental leave and decided to start his blog to share his experiences, learnings and failures with other parents. Carl shares some of his blogs highlights from over the last six months and he’s really smashing it! 

Nigel from DIY Daddy Blog rounds up his massively successful year in his post What A Year 2017. Since coming across Nigel and then meeting him in real life, I’ve always regarded Nigel as being one of the top dad bloggers and it’s great to see with all of his achievements across the past 12 months, I’m not the only one. 

This next one is Christmas related but also I’d like to highlight Benny AKA Daddy Poppins and what he’s achieved this year. We started out at a similar time and it’s been fantastic watching a fellow Dad Blogger go from strength to strength and Benny’s 2017 has been an excellent one. Enjoy his post on What Parents Really Want (And Don’t Want) For Christmas.

Up next is Zen from DADult Life. I’ve recently come across Zen and I really enjoy reading his journey on the road from adult to DADult. Zen’s been writing about Buggy pushing in a winter wonderland during his recent trip to Blenheim. Don’t tell Zen but his blog made the cut purely based on his daughters gorgeous smile and festive attire, Instagram photo on his blog post 🙂 

I think a great way to finish off a Dad Round-Up of achievements, success and Christmas is Tom, The Unlikely Dad ‘s post Thankful. Tom explains his take on gratitude and tells us what he’s thankful for. A very good way to look back on a year, all the things you’re lucky to have experienced and sometimes experience everyday. All big things are made up of lots of little things. 

Well this is my Christmas gift to you, FIVE top notch dad bloggers for you to read, follow and engage with now and going into 2018. 

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

David @dadvworld

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