Dad Blogger Round-up: Being a modern dad

dadsWelcome back to the dad blogger round-up for May. As the name cleverly suggests, this is a round-up of the latest dad blogger posts which have caught my attention over the last month. Rather than do some kind of ‘theme’, I’ve instead decided to focus on a few of the newbie dad blogs who have cropped up recently.

I think it’s awesome that more dads – working, single, stay-at-home, paternity leave, gay etc – are picking up their laptops and sharing their experiences of fatherhood with the world. Parent blogging has predominantly been a very mum-focussed arena, so in my opinion, it’s blokes like these below that are helping to break down stereotypes and show what a modern dad is.

The first post I’m sharing is from Ben, who writes under the moniker of Captain Poo Pants – at least I think it’s an alias and not his actual name. The post that grabbed my attention was A Day In The Life, which compared his old working routine to his new one as a stay-at-home dad (SAHD) on shared parental leave. I’ve been a SAHD for a year now, so I really enjoyed reading and relating to his humorous account of what he did then, and now, during the various hours of the day.

Next, we travel up country to visit Matthew at Dad Up North and his post 5 Baby Things I Still Don’t Understand. In his sweary rant, he lists five baby-related things which he just doesn’t get despite having had seven months in his new role as a dad. I’m totally with him on each of his points, and 20 months in myself, still don’t understand some of them – give it a read and see if you agree.

Let me now take you over to DadvWorld and David’s recent post called Operation ‘Night Out’. Here, he talks about organising a night out with his mates, with particular emphasis on how things are different now that they’re all 30-somethings with partners and kids. I recently had a night out with my best mates from Uni for the first time in ages, so found myself nodding along to the post – particularly the bit about planning what we were going to wear. 

The penultimate post is from J at A Hopeful Dad who discussed an interesting concept about sharing skills in Dad Camp. J and his husband are currently going through the adoption process, so this has made him think about some of the skills he lacks which are traditionally passed down from dads. I wish I’d learnt more from my dad when I was younger, so I liked his idea of a ‘camp’ where parents can share skills and knowledge.

Finally, let me leave you with this funny, but a bit weird, post from Eddie at AKA Daddy. In his post called The Must (Not) Have Toys Of 2016, he found himself looking on the internet in the search for presents for his daughter’s upcoming birthday. Now, I’ll admit that I’ve seen some pretty messed up things online (usually courtesy of a bit of late night alone time), but some of the kids’ toys he’s uncovered are just plain worrying. After reading it, I was left with more questions than answers.

Before I go, I’d just like to mention the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BiBs). By what I can only put down to divine intervention, all three of us who write this dad blogger round-up have been shortlisted for an award. If you like what we do, then it’d be awesome if you’d consider voting for Tim (Slouching Towards Thatcham) or John (Dad Blog UK) in the ‘Readers Choice’ category and me (The DADventurer) in the ‘Family’ category. Thanks! Until next time…

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