Campaigns: Three, eBay and Next

The run up to Christmas is seeing some really creative blogger campaigns. For a start, Three has given five “mobile mums” a smart phone to see how the technology changes their lives. In conjunction with Bounty they sent out a call for mums to participate. The result was a wide mix of mums from Scotland to the South East. As part of the promotion, the mums will appear in OK Magazine over the course of four weeks.

Five seems to be a lucky number, and eBay has set five mum bloggers against each other in an eBay Christmas challenge. Bloggers were given £250 to find the best bargains on the auction site. A special Facebook app was created so that fans could help search out and recommend items for the bloggers. The mum blogger with the most creativity and the Facebook fan that helps the most will both win prizes.

Next turned to mum bloggers to help publicise their nationwide search to find two new “super baby models”. The whole campaign took place on Facebook, where fans were encouraged to determine the top 24 babies. Bloggers were given a £30 Next voucher as a thank you for helping to promote the competition.

If you are interested in working with brands on campaigns, please make sure you join the BMB Working With Brands group.

Susanna Scott

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